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Why I Love Late Night Solo queue Support Games

LeagueofLegends5 - Why I Love Late Night Solo queue Support Games

Playing League late night games is an experience in its self. It's honestly a coin flip or the most degenerate players on the face of the earth, and sometimes it can be the exact opposite. You never know who will end up playing with or against. On top of that I feel like match making is even more wild late at night. Anyone who plays during the night will never experience this, and I feel like people might be missing out.

For the reason I'm making this post is because, last night was one of the reason why I keep playing this game.

I main Soraka with 573k mastery atm. I really only solo queue, because I'm dead inside. Most of the time I'm just there for the ride honestly. I stopped talking in chat since about a year ago. I've gotten so many chat restrictions I've lost count. I've climbed back to honor 2 so many times. That I've lost count on that also. I only spam emotes, and the only 2 emote I spam is as some of you probably can guess "Everything is okay" and "Let me out! Animated Emote". I also communicate through pings from time to time.

Yesterday in my random solo queue game. I got matched with a 4 man group. Most of the time this is bad, because they can easily mass report you. I've had that happened to me before, and that's one of the reasons I stopped talking. Well yesterday the group that I ended up playing with. Made me laugh, and enjoyed the game so much. It reminded me that I forgot the last time I actually enjoyed playing League. They made me laugh at the most stupid stuff just though pings the first game.


After that game I added the AD, and that's when I realized I was playing with a 4 man. I asked the AD if they needed a "sup", and they replied with "no", but he then said "We need you". I instantly joined, and they invited me to a Discord server they were all in. At first I didn't want to join. That's part of the thing I love about my play style. I'll never talk, but only communicate through the two emotes. Something just clicked, and I said "okay I'll join, but I can't talk". They didn't have a problem with this, and I joined. Only too realized that we don't even speak the same language. These people who made me laugh for the first time in League since I forgot. Don't even speak my language! That's amazing.

I'm still playing with them today, and even though we don't speak the same language doesn't mean I won't join their server. Maybe I can learn a few words who knows, but this is why I love League in general. You never know who you'll end up playing with. Then again you don't even need to talk really, but though pings, and emotes. I love late night League

TDLR: Love communication though pings, and emotes. You never know who you might be playing with

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