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Why I think flex should be replaced with ranked teams

LeagueofLegends4 - Why I think flex should be replaced with ranked teams

I really miss the old ranked 5's. The feeling when you gather up your squad, queue up, face against a team that has higher solo queue ranks than your team, and beat them. To have one shared rank with your buddies. The excitement of getting into gold promos and pulling them off, as a team.

I understand ranked 5's had it's own problems. Teams could have a very wider variety of ranks. In my case for example we would have two players that were Diamond 5, two platinum players and one gold player. We also played against teams that would have high diamond players and bronze players, which obviously is a pretty big difference in rank, but I don't think solo queue ranks matter as much when playing competitive as a team.

What I dislike about flex queue

Let's say I am Diamond 2 and my friend is Gold 1. I win 1 out of my 10 placements and get placed Gold 1 Flex. My friend wins 9 out of 10 games and get's placed Iron 1 flex. We can't play together because of the difference between our ranks. Now this is the part I dislike the most. I can still get lower rank players than him (in solo queue) on my team, silvers or hell even bronze players, who have grinded flex instead of solo queue. So my friend would have to grind flex queue alone in order for us to play flex queue together. This is just an example of 2 players. Imagine if I for example would have gotten placed Platinum 1 flex and my friends whose solo queue ranks are from Plat 3 to gold 4, get placed all the way from Gold 1 flex to Iron 4 flex. We can't play as a team of 5 unless 2 or 3 of my friends grind out flex for god now how many games just so we can finally play as a team.

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Obviously I do not have any statistic on how many players actually play flex but I doubt it's much. I play on EUW and when I check "top flex 5v5 players" the rank 200 player for example has currently 85lp, which in solo queue isn't enough to get Grandmaster. Also once you win your promos to master you get promoted to grandmaster the next time the ladder updates since you have a dozen of players sitting at 0lp Grandmaster.

Personally my experience with flex is that it's filled with 3 kinds of people:

  1. The ones who get stuck at a certain rank in solo queue and now play flex only since they have by-passed their solo queue rank.
  2. The ones who play it when season is about to end so they get one chroma for the victorious skin.
  3. And finally the players who play as a team of 5 trying to improve their competitive team play. I have rarely ever faced a team of 5 premades, but when I do we would have everyone playing solo in our team.

When ever I play flex I just think of it as normal draft with a bit more tryhard players. I don't care about the rank, I don't care if I win or lose, hell I don't even care what I play (#conqueroramumutop).

I wish we could come up with a better 5 man premade ranked system than we currently have, since Clash isn't ever comming out.

What do you guys think?

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