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Why is Diana’s E cooldown so long? (26 seconds rank 1)

LeagueofLegends8 - Why is Diana's E cooldown so long? (26 seconds rank 1)

I personally don't understand why Diana's E cooldown is so long even though it is such an underwhelming ability. It even has a 1 second longer cooldown than her rank 1 ULT! Since it's the ability you max last, for the majority of the game, it will only give you a 450 radius (225 units in front of you and behind) airborne (for a max of .5 seconds) and a 2 second 35% slow (and a whole 50% ATTACK SPEED BONUS :O). IMO this is extremely underwhelming especially compared to a lot of very useful abilities of other champions THAT HAVE LOWER COOLDOWNS such as:

  • Akali Shroud
  • Galio W
  • Irelia W
  • Ekko W
  • Cass W
  • Sion E
  • Morgana Black Shield
  • Camille E
  • All of Neeko's basics
  • All of Aatrox's basics
  • All of pyke's basics
  • Thresh Lantern
  • Illaoi E (even pre buff)
  • Fiddle Q
  • Nocturne E
  • All of Urgot's basics
  • Warwick E

(Btw if you were thinking of maxing it second to lower the cooldown, which would not be a worthy tradeoff for w shield strength and damage, the cooldown would only be lowered by 2 seconds per rank)


I wasn't sure exactly which abilities to compare to this kind of niche melee range cc (on a relatively squishy ap champion) but I think my point still stands that this underwhelming ability shouldn't have a higher cooldown than these other abilities. I don't think Diana's E is something that we can particularly ABUSE if it had a low cooldown.

Personal Rant/Opinions

I think this is a result of the power creeping of just new champions/reworks and lower cooldowns and higher damage that everyone has been talking about. Looking back at the patch history of Diana, her cooldown on her E was actually never changed (throughout her whole kit only q cooldown was reduced by 2 seconds). At the earlier times of league, these cooldowns were more normal to suit the slower pace of league games (in fact, they had to reduce the damage on all of Diana's abilities as soon as she was released because of how much lower the damage was back then). And after that series of nerfs to her damage, other reworks/new champions grew past Diana's prime in terms of damage and utility while Diana is just to be left in the dust.

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PERSONAL IDEA: W + E should be combined into 1 ability and given a new ability

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