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Why is Giving Up a reportable offense if it doesn’t lead to punishment?

LeagueofLegends10 - Why is Giving Up a reportable offense if it doesn't lead to punishment?

Having to talk a bad teammate into playing out ranked matches feels so. goddamn. bad. Quick story time, the inspiration for this post, gonna try to make it brief and relevant. I had a guy in my game saying "next" at 8 minutes when I've already gone 3/0 since losing an invade where my entire team was afk. My whole team is just begging him to play as it's completely winnable but he's already AFK under his tower and flaming his team. A couple minutes go by. "5 mins left," "vote yes." He spent a huge majority of the game AFK and typing about how bad he thought our top laner was. At this time I said to him "shut the fuck up. idk about you but I didnt buy this acc. act like you care for 15 minutes." Of course he didnt stop typing toxic shit to his team and spamming "ff go next" (game was actually completely winnable the whole time, I on jg was 10/5/10 by the end of it or so, playing my heart out and making outplays left and right) so I said ooooone more thing, "stop acting like a baby bro" and I got my honor reset to level 0 for it. On God I didnt flame anybody all game.

The problem is that begging and pleading people to play doesn't usually work. It actually just makes them feel special. It's actually disgusting. So I just tried something different. More like a slap in the face. Having to talk your teammates into playing is THE WORST feeling. Like, there's a surrender vote. It takes a certain number of votes to pass. Yet when it doesnt, some people feel entitled to not care about what the rest of team wants to do and they give up and spend the rest of the game AFK and/or typing instead, creating a scenario in which it is (99.9%, hAhA) impossible for the other 4 players to win. I sincerely believe that these types of players, with no drive to win whatsoever, no worry about the outcome of the game, should not be in, and should not be allowed to play in Ranked.


***Correction***: why is this reportable behavior never ever punished ?

Now get this. Next game I play, our top laner gets completely smashed. *Literally* gets solo killed 4 times in a row. I havent really said anything to him yet, other than announcing the one time I planned to gank, because I'm not toxic and dont see the point in flaming him. So anyways our top laner says "fucking broken," referring to the enemy's Wukong. And my ADC goes, "Yea, your brain is," "Or it would be if you even had one."
Holy shit. My heart just broke. Seeing that this guy is allowed to type this toxic shit while Im on restrict for trying to talk a dude into playing the goddamn game. It's just awful.


To reinforce my point, I'm not here asking Riot to bring back the tribunal (they should), I'm not asking them to manually review all the cases so that I don't get punished for dumb shit (which in a perfect world they would). What I am asking. Is to make "giving up" a legitimately reportable offense.

Gonna meander just a smidge here, but I promise it's relevant.
Why is purchasing accounts STILL not being addressed? People buy Plat accounts for $20 and legitimately do not care about the outcome of the game. So here's a short story. My top laner flames me for not ganking enough while solo losing the game by *hard* feeding a smurf vayne top (coincidental matchup ?…) with some of the legitimately worst wave management Ive ever seen. I think to myself, there's just no way he got that high of a rank playing like this. I load his match history and found that he had just played about 15 games with the champ he played/ a couple other top laners. The scores ranged from mixed to bad. Before that tho ? About 40 games of absolute stomping. strictly with Aurelion Sol mid and some ~90% winrate. Before that? About 200 bots matches. It's just so incredibly blatantly obvious that he bought the account, yet my report doesnt do anything? Even in an automated system, that's so blatantly obvious and against the rules and should easily be taken care of, even without using IP tracing tech. Yet my report does nothing and the reverse smurf who doesnt care about the outcome of the game continues to plague matchmaking.

Tl;dr I'm f***ing sick of having to talk my teammates into playing out games where the rest of the team doesnt want to surrender. They're often the ones who (sometimes even admittedly) purchase multiple accounts. And there's currently a fake report button for each of these issues that lies about them being punishable offenses, which is a problem.

That and my matchmaking has become significantly and consistently more one-sided since about halfway through last patch. Feel free to comment on anything in the post below!

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