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Why is it so hard to buy champions?

LeagueofLegends13 - Why is it so hard to buy champions?

Hello, i’ve been playing league since 2013, it was aatrox login screen when i first download the game.

I have 1000~ ARAM games, 1000~ normal games. Let’s not include ranked and urf, i think playing 2000 games in an online game should be like “i played that game a lot”

I know i’m not playing too much compared to the community maybe, but i still think that’s a big amount of time. (I am also 93 level if anyone wondered.)

I have only 87 champions unlocked, need another 56 to unlock. I have 50k blue essence and lots of champion shards also. If i unlock them all, i’ll have about 110 champions and nearly 0 b.e. Still 30 champions to unlock, for me it’s probably 1 year.

I cannot imagine to start this game at the moment. When i get dumped by a new champion who steals my ult in team fight and steals another 760 hp in front of my eyes, i have to play that champion in a bot game or training mode to get used to it and able to laning/fighting against it.

My friend just returned to the game. He played a bit at season 2 and quit for a long time. Now he have no clue what is happening in the game.

Dude asked to how to try those champions to see their kit, skills, possible play styles etc. And when i explain how, he said i’ll just buy an account from e-bay, it’s not worth spending months to get your fav champions and also get other champions that you want to try.

And ofc i explained him that is an unsecured way etc.

So as a complete new player, i would be mad to not get any of 6300 B.E champions because it is really hard to get, you have to literally spam hundres of games to get your first 10 6300 B.E cost champions.


Well i downloaded dota2 for that popular dota auto chess thing, but first i tried some classic dota bot games. Guess what? All champions were unlocked. Yes i could take whatever i want, i could try whatever i want.

Let’s say we have a system for new players to not lost in 140 champions and this is why we won’t able to play whatever champion we want any time.

But why is it TOO hard to get champions?

Most of them costs 4800/6300 B.E or 975 rp and you get 50 B.E per day for winning a game like a joke. All you can get is 50 B.E in 1 day. And yes also the champion shards and disenchant.

Why do we even have champion shards?

Can we AT LEAST get “champions” when we level up, please? And disenchanting them would give us their exact cost so we can buy another champion which costs same?

It’s so stupid to have “champion shard” when you level up, what is this? A discount on a in-game character? In a 140+ character game?

The game itself may give players some random champions for their most played role per level. And i think unlocking randomly 1-2 champion per level will make it easier to just be “able” to “try” that champion.

On the other hand there are some champions you have to unlock and play after you see them in games or when they are at weekly rotation.

For them, maybe we could earn some B.E each game we played, just like old days I.P.?

I don’t wanna repeat myself more but if we have a game with 140+ characters, they must be easier to reach, this system doesn’t make any sense right now.

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