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Why is Ravenous so unconditional with its power compared to its competition in Domination?

LeagueofLegends9 - Why is Ravenous so unconditional with its power compared to its competition in Domination?

That rune singlehandedly added lots of healing in the game, even when it was just spell vamp. Now that its Omni its gotten worse. Worse for spell vamp the intended audience and more strong with Auto attacks.

And also why is it merely "just healing"? Ingenious is CD reduction on Item Haste, Relentless is out of combat and Ultimate Hunter being for ultimate. These are very specific conditions to where the runes apply their strength.

If the three were on the same level with Ravenous, Ingenious would be combined with Ultimate into one. CD reduction on everything even passive CD's.

If Relentless was in the same level as Ravenous the movement speed wouldn't be out of combant only.

Non-interactive healing is so toxic, there's a reason why Vlad, Soraka and Mundo have their heals at max strength when they interact with champions. Healing of a wave, jungle camp after the enemy made a mistake of getting caught out when there's no threat is so toxic and rewards non-interactive strategies when it comes to the tune and tempo of the battle. It's the reason why Riven was also annoying (WAS), because in the past her lifestealing from minions with autos and tiamat with also her low cooldowns made her an effective drain tank. And that is precisely what's happening right now, except we dont need to commit to it with Ability Haste


Even when Runes reforged started, that rune basically became the pick for everyone as a standard secondary line. Assassin? Ravenous, Mage? Ravenous, Tank who relies on abilities? Ravenous. You'd have to have a kit that can underutilize it, cheese runes for a specific playstyle or OP in order to skip RH or don't know the champ rune set up.

It would be nice if the healing only existed as in combat or even as spell vamp. Its so tiring when you see everyone heal off from a wave after a trade just because they had a stack. Champs who are already healing centered, already have it at ther peak in combat. Why not make it the same to prevent a Drain tanking meta?

And why Omni? Shouldn't Ravenous hunter be the opposite with Legend: Bloodline? We already have a lifesteal dedicated rune, you might as well turn it into Omnivamp too if the goal was to streamline it.

With how Generalized RH is with its power and how easy the stacks are to get in an actual game, it has no bussiness of being a Minor rune. It might as well be a Keystone with how much everyone takes it as a standard rune in the secondary line.

Edit: Hello I'd like to add that my main point is that Ravenous should heal of during combat against champions like Conq etc… to stop the developing drain tank Meta in the game.

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