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Why Isn’t It Meta For The Duo To Go Mid?

LeagueofLegends13 - Why Isn't It Meta For The Duo To Go Mid?

Historically, there were a few reasons why mid laners go mid and the bot duo goes bot:

  • There was no objective in the top side of the map until Baron spawned, so you wanted to put your duo mid or bot to contest Dragon, the only early game neutral objective.
  • Your mid laner would constantly go OOM in the early game, so giving them the mid lane, which was the shortest lane to run back to, was most efficient.
  • Assassins, who can do well into mages, and mages themselves, are excellent roamers, especially in comparison to the ADC, whose roams aren't as powerful. Putting your mage or assassin mid maximizes their map presence.
  • Your support should duo with your ADC and not your mage because your mage scales better with XP, while the ADC can have less XP and still be efficient as long as they get gold.

There is one newer factor that makes it preferable for the duo to go bottom:

  • The bottom tower is the easiest tower to take in the early game, as lane-swap mitigation.

However, some of these factors are no longer relevant or not nearly as important:

  • There is now an objective on the top side of the map in the early game – Rift Herald. The only way you can have your duo available to contest both neutral objectives is by putting them in the mid lane.
  • Mages don't constantly go OOM anymore. When was the last time you had to back several times in the early game just to get mana? As a result, mid laners don't benefit nearly as much from the shorter lane.
  • While it's true that the ADC isn't as powerful a roamer as the mages or assassins (typically), the support is a phenomenal roamer. In addition, consider that a mage or assassin needs to abandon mid-lane income (the minions don't get farmed) in order to roam, while the support can roam while still funnelling mid-lane income into the team via the ADC farming.
  • The majority of mages sport fantastic wave-clear. While it may be true that the bottom tower is the easiest tower to take, having a mage bottom means you will generally have the waveclear to limit the amount the enemy can shove the lane.

In comparison to sending the duo lane bottom and the mage mid, sending the mage bottom and the duo lane mid has the following benefits:

  1. You have more influence over the top side of the jungle, and over the Rift Herald.
  2. You can set-up roams more easily since you don't have to cede mid lane income in order to roam.
  3. You put your most vulnerable player (the ADC) in the safest lane.

There are a few drawbacks:

  1. The red team's mage doesn't have access to blue buff.
  2. If your mage goes OOM, the run back to lane is longer.

If it weren't for the fact that bottom tower is the squishiest, it would make sense for the red team to send their mage top instead, but most top laners lack the wave clear to hold bottom effectively.

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