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Why Koreans Think TF Blade Obviously Deserves His Ban

LeagueofLegends8 - Why Koreans Think TF Blade Obviously Deserves His Ban

FYI, I don't play in the Korean server, but I watch quite a few Korean streamers and pros, and this is what the viewers' and fans' (and I'm assuming the Korean community in general) think about TF Blade and why he deserved the ban.


First, let me start off by saying no, Koreans were not being racist to TF Blade. At first, TF Blade was pretty well-liked when he first arrived in Korea. TF Blade was hyped as a mechanical beast and a lot of Koreans already knew him for his Irelia and Jax. When one the same team, they were eager to be recognized by TF Blade as a good player, but when on the opposing side, they flipped 180 and put on their try-hard pants to show TF Blade that getting to rank 1 would not be easy. Either way, TF Blade was respected as a good player.

But he is now infamous for his selfishness and toxicity, even for Korean standards, and for being such a coin flip.


Here are the top 5 reasons why TF Blade has earned himself his infamy in Korea.

(He doesn't do this every single game and there are times he performs, but at least half the time, he makes life miserable for his team)

  1. He expects his team to play around him all the time.

  2. If he doesn't get top, he will ask to swap or he will play Jax on the role he got.

  3. Even if he does get top, he will ask to trade with last pick so he doesn't get countered. Then he will play Jax, Irelia, or Tryn, regardless of what the enemy top champ is.

  4. Even if he gets all the care he could at top, he still loses against the enemy top laner.

  5. If he doesn't get all the care in the world, he will flame the team, both in game (
    7bcDv4Y - Why Koreans Think TF Blade Obviously Deserves His Ban

    https://i.imgur.com/7bcDv4Y.jpg) and post-game (https://www.fmkorea.com/best/2812276969). Koreans call it the Morde Ult / Room of truth, because he buddies them to interrogate them.


5 is probably one of the biggest reasons TF Blade is not well liked anymore. The other ones are bad too, but whatever, there's a troll on the team. But 5 was the last straw.

In the in-game example, he speaks to Lee Sin in a condescending and demeaning manner. Maybe this is not so in NA, but a lot of Koreans found this very offensive. And of course, this was not the first nor last time he spoke that way.

The pros were not an exemption. The post-game example is him teaching KT Bono how to play. Not nearly as bad as the Lee Sin example, but lot of KT Bono fans were upset at the one-way conversation, because Bono was being courteous, while TF Blade was being rude and talking as if his game plan is the only correct way to play. People also thought it was funny that TF Blade said, "ur playing the game 4v5," because he's such a coin flip that it's 4v5 half the time anyways.


PS: If you don't know the room of truth, this is where it's from 🙂 https://youtu.be/MvPaDziB-ac?t=77

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