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Why Muramana-Sylas is better than AP-Sylas

LeagueofLegends2 - Why Muramana-Sylas is better than AP-Sylas

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after seeing Lider tweet about Manamune/Muramana-Sylas (https://twitter.com/LIDERlol/status/1374848051781718017), I decided to run the math on it and came to a shocking conclusion: Muramana-Sylas out damages normal AP Sylas by a mile. To give you an example of how massive the difference is, let me show you a quick example:

Sylas with Zhonyas, Everfrost and a Dark Seal with 4 Stacks (without runes) does a total of 2343 damage with a full combo. A full Sylas-combo includes 5 AA with his passive, both parts of his Q, W, E and Everfrost.

Let's compare that to Sylas with the same item build, replacing the Zhonyas with Muramana. The full Sylas-combo now deals a total of 3156 damage. Which is a damage increase of over 30%.

Of course, the Muramana build is 300 gold more expensive, but even when we add e.g. 10 AP, which is worth around 220 gold, the two damage numbers still aren't even comparable (2390 to 3156).

In the following I will go a bit more in-depth on how the numbers look like in later stages of the game and examine at what cost this damage increase comes and if it is really worth going for this item build.

Let's look at the disadvantages this item build brings:

  1. You delay Zhonyas which has a powerful active for Sylas (Stopwatch can solve this problem though)
  2. You have to buy a tear at your first base (delays Everfrost by 400 gold)
  3. Your W heals slightly less
  4. Your item path is slightly worse

On the other hand, we have the following advantages:

  1. Unmatched 2 item powerspike with insane damage
  2. You can take Triumph instead of Presence of Mind
  3. You have more Ability Haste
  4. Can't mention this enough: INSANE DAMAGE


Let's compare Muramana Sylas and AP Sylas now at lvl. 18 with 1 Mythic and 3 Legendary items.

Muramana Sylas lvl. 18: Everfrost, Manamune, Ionian Boots, Mejais (10 Stacks), Zhonyas (without runes)

  • HP: 2830
  • AD: 220
  • AP: 260
  • AS: 1.03
  • Armor: 146
  • MR: 62
  • AH: 65%
  • Gold: 11400
  • Full Combo Damage: 4226

AP Sylas lvl. 18: Everfrost, Zhonyas, Ionian Boots, Mejais (10 Stacks), Rabadons (without runes)

  • HP: 2830
  • AD: 112
  • AP: 510
  • AS: 1.03
  • Armor: 146
  • MR: 62
  • AH: 50%
  • Gold: 12100
  • Full Combo Damage: 4141

As you can clearly see, the item build still slightly outperforms AP Sylas even on 4 items, costing 700 gold less, granting 15% Ability haste more, while still dealing more Damage. Taking into account though that the Muramana Passive deals physical damage and your enemies generally have more Armor than MR at this point, the damage from both builds is pretty much equal. The Murmana item build still comes out on top due to being cheaper and granting more Ability haste.


If you are willing to trade Sylas' already pretty weak early game against an even weaker early game and delayed Zhonyas, you can reach damage levels that would be impossible without Muramana once you get your second item. I'd recommend to at least try this build , because of its insane damage potential and gold value.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to slide into my DMs or just leave me a follow: https://twitter.com/LawZ_LoL

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