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Why rammus should be the only champion in the game

LeagueofLegends1 - Why rammus should be the only champion in the game

Rammus is perhaps the most balanced, fun, meta encouraging champion when it is the only champion in the game. By making rammus the only champion in the game it will encourage meaningful choices, a evolving meta, and open up strategies.

1.Meaningful Choices:


Do you use Q to waveclear or save it for escape? Your midlaner just used Q? Then it is probably not the best time to invade since enemy will probably respond faster. Your support is Qing in the bush? He probably want to Q flash so be ready to recall just as he flash in. These is all things opponent could punish and abuse. It will push mind game to its very height making the best player be able to show off their Dr.Strange ability in the game.



As a laner

Imagine you are rammus and are trying to run away from a gank. You and the opponent both used q but because he activated q faster than you he will catch up to you which mean you must flash away in time. This open an array of choices. Do you flash just as he bump into you making his knock-up useless or before he reaches you risking a flash predict from the jungler?


As a jungler

Do you activated q early to gank faster or do you activate q just as you enter lane? There are ups and down for each option and it is up to the jungler to assess the situation. Rammus have no flash or summs? Probably want to activate q faster.Rammus have flash and summs? Probably want to activate q later to force summs but still be able to retreat safely.


2.Evolving Meta

Item Build: The most obvious build is to go tank/armour but if everyone do that then everyone will go AP and if everyone go AP and no armour then everyone will go AD. Eventually, the meta settle into these builds.


Control This is the support of the game. Max E and your goal is to prevent enemy AD rammus from attacking your AD rammus. Your goal is to peel for your AD saving your ability when they come. Different from supporting a range AD however is that you and your AD must be in sync as although AD rammus has huge DPS the burst damage is low and it is incredibly hard to survive as a meele champion. A team without a Control rammus will almost always win since their AD rammus would survive long enough to obliterate the enemy team.


AD Extremely risky yet also almost always needed in a team. As a meele champion you are very fragile and risky to gank while csing. River and enemy jungle control is almost always needed to last hit the caster minions or else you just have to take the meele minion and wait for your jungler to come. This encourage wave manipulation and greater reward one with better macro skill. The most common build is to get as much sustain as possible but some likes to go IE first which with a good Controll rammus could win laning phase really hard or really badly.


AP You have one goal. Get a five man Q knockup and assassinate enemy AD. Although technically it is two goals but your team would probably lose the teamfight unless you do at least one of them. So I guess your one goal is to win teamfight. Probably the most braindead role as you have to keep headbutting people and your monkey team. Not the most important role as a good Control rammus is far more valuable than a good AP rammus. But it is the most flashiest and the easiest to ping missing as your AP rammus flash into a minion or flash into enemy team just as his Q vanishes.


Tank There are two tanks. One goes health/armour and another goes health/mr. We will refer to health/armour as the tank role and health/mr as the interceptor role(you will get it why later).


You just tank. If you qued for tank rammus congrats you will have no agnecy on anything and will be depended on your teammates. You probably will have no idea how you win or lost that teamfight since nobody seems what the heck you are doing. And don't be like that guy who qued for tank but goes AD/AP. Nobody likes you.




You are a interceptor. You intercept enemy's AP from killing your team/AD. Although technically a Control rammus could do the same. control rammus would probably get one shot and you want your Control rammus to stay alive. So it is your job to intercept it and fill the role of Control if your Control dies or is spiltpushing top. You can call yourself the hunter of hunter or Harry Potter.


3. Strategy

  Baron/Dragon/Base rush

As a five all Q at the same time and rush to the objective and kill it before enemy could respnd. Unlike ryze's ult which could do the same this is more fair(more telegraphed and lose DPS if it is too far) and encourage vision control for both team.

  Crazy Outplays

Imagine a five man rammus herd Q up to catch one rammus farming at top. And imagine the hype and disbelief as he dodge every flash Q and taunt/kill two at his tower. Imagine what a Faker can do with a rammus. Now Imagine what kind of outplay we could have seen if only Riot have done this earlier. It is not the outplay we see that we can't even comprehend what's going on. But it's something everyone could have done but at the same time we knew only Faker could've done.


Bonus: Lore Potential

We all know the writers of Riot Gaming are the greatest writers ever graced our world. Producing some of masterpieces like "What would Shyvana do if Ezreal kissed her leg?", "Kaisa is hot", and my personal favorite champion's lore "…dark and mysterious past".


However I think we can all circlejerk agree that the lore left much to desire. I think by deleting everything and only leaving the core part of the game lore it would leave space for writer to really showcase their skill. For example, one of the greatest modern literature 50 shades of grey deleted its twilight origins to produce the greatest book evermade(Dont @source me we all know it is true). Now look at Lord of the Rings. It carried so many dead weights that you could probably make three movies out of just one thin book.


Imagine being able to see how rammus became a ninja, a fireball, a soccer ball, a internet explorer, icy balls, Elon Ball, Anakin Ball, and King Rammus. It would be a story that could finally convince video game lore could surpass movie, book, anime, cartoon, and hentai. Imagine being able to tell your friend how you know every single of part of rammus' lore imagine how much respect and how much deodrant you don't need to buy. You don't need deodorant no more cause all they can smell is respect.



Last year it was announced Riot wasn't earning as much money as before. This is because instead of creating skins for attractive and sexually seductive champion like Rek'Sai, Rammus, and Voibear we get skins for Lux, Ahri, Ezreal. My papa who ran a very successful comic streaming website(can't post it since mod hates it when I post link unless it is in numbers) told me that unflaccid consumer are paying customers and making rammus the only champion we can do that. Unfortuately that might mean League are now R rated but who wants that fortnite minecraft COD yasoumain Trucksimulator kids in our game anyway.This will also reduce toxcity. It is literally physically impossible to type toxic words while being unflaccid.



Riot if you watching this please make rammus the only champion in the game. I know literally everyone in the design/balance team agree with this decision. You could literally make so money that you can buy tencent AND pay your freelance caster a reasonable wages.

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