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Why Rengar top is one of the best laners in platinum and below, and how to use him effectively, with very in depth match ups, as well as the basics of how to play him. (Very detailed.)

LeagueofLegends9 - Why Rengar top is one of the best laners in platinum and below, and how to use him effectively, with very in depth match ups, as well as the basics of how to play him. (Very detailed.)

Hey guys, it's me again. After the success of my last post on Mordekaiser kinda blew up which you can find here, I decided to continue in depth guides for some characters that I feel are very good in lower elo games, and to help people find a character they like and start climbing. And because of the feedback on my last post, I will try a lot harder on this, make the formatting amazing, but again sadly, I won't have a tldr, there is a bunch of info on this. So let's start.

Why Rengar Top?

First, let's go over some pros and some cons, and using Reddit formatting skills, i can go over some pros and cons.


  • High Burst Damage
  • % Bonus AD on his passive when killing a champion you haven't killed so far.
  • Doesn't have mana or take away HP, allowing longer sustain.
  • A passive that gives a lot of mobility and lets you get away from ganks when baiting the enemy jungler effectively.
  • A 1.75 second slow, that when empowered can also root your opponent for 1.75 seconds.
  • Good heal and cleanse on his W.
  • Does 50% of his bonus AD on his ult leap, and reduces your victim's armor.


  • When going for kills outside of lane, needs his ult, since bushes are not always near, and you can lose vision when going into a bush.
  • Very hard to first pick as most tanks who can get passive shields and bonuses on armor or hp (Mundo, Malphite, etc.) can not be farmed for kills after level 6 or a bramble, and you pretty much have to go to other lanes to get more fed unless they heavily miss play.
  • With double cc, as in a stun into a slow, or other different combinations that can disable rengar, very hard to get away from opponents when low hp.
  • Has counter picks in the meta like Irelia, who can reduce a lot of damage from your burst using W, and her ult can screw over your autos.

When to pick Rengar

Rengar is very good against early lane bullies, since you can out bully even them, get fed off them, and snowball super hard. It is hard to first pick or second pick Rengar, since players can pick tanks with shields or passive healing, play safe in lane, wait until level 6, and your at a big disadvantage, as the Jungler on their side will look for you more than your Jungler will, for example Garen, Malphite, or even Poppy who completely counters your leap. Rengar is good against all squishy laners, most lane bullies, or why not, if you can outplay or bully the enemy tank before level 6, and get a big lead, you're good there too.

Champ Select

As I was typing this, I was typing how to play Rengar, the different aspects of the enemy Jungler's clear, but I realized a much more important thing, champ select. Rengar is very versatile, and a lot of people take grasp into some lane bullies unless you can kill them really easily, like Tryndamere before he gets some fury, and you wanna take grasp into some tanks, but in my opinion, grasp really isn't that useful in low elo, as you can just burst tanks before they get super tanky, or even before their ult, but if you do wanna just follow the Rengar one tricks and what they do and not listen to me… Take grasp into some lane bullies, and some tanks who you can't damage well, or people who have sustain, and take electrocute for some lane bullies you can out damage and are good against that I will list at like the end of this long read.

Playstyle against tanks that struggle before 6

For tanks that struggle before level 6 and might play safe, (Nasus, Malphite, Cho'Gath) you're gonna wanna take electrocute, put an aggressive ward that can see blast plant and blue buff, or just blue buff, sit in the front bush, don't push the wave that hard, and deny the enemy XP and gold using your electrocute trades, however this play style is riskier against Junglers that can leap big distances, like Camille can go on a blast plant, and catch up to you using her E, so always pay attention to that.

Always pay attention to all ins that you can do, here is a combo you can do at level 3. If you are in a bush and have 0 ferocity and leap on an enemy, even without using an ability you go up to 1 ferocity, no more than that however, using that you can leap on a tank that struggles before some items or level 6, Q when you have 1 ferocity, W, and then E, and then ferocity Q or if they are getting away and you can't reach, go for a ferocity E, as that still does decent damage. However if you are playing against a tank that can deal some burst, as in Malphite with his high Q base damage, or even Ornn with his damage buffs, using your W to get back hp and sustain longer instead of going for a ferocity E or Q might be an option you do aswell, as it brings back your hp by 50% of the damage you took in the past 1.5 seconds.

Playstyle against squishy characters

For pretty much every squishy champion, you take electrocute against them, spam your q on minions while leaping in on them, and when at level 2 and at 3, maybe 2 ferocity, you can leap on the enemy champ as long as there aren't too many minions, which there shouldn't be, you should be pushing and should have an XP lead, you can Q, leap on them, and double E if you have 2 ferocity, or if you have 3 which is more preferred, you can Q, leap on them, Q again, E, and maybe ignite if they have already been pounced on earlier. Don't be afraid to go for trades level 3 on, unless it's a weird squishy counter to you that can get off you easily, why? Because you have your w, so as long as they take 80 more damage than you, your winning the trade because of your W, that heals you, and gives more ferocity for more trades, and more trades = more electrocute procs.

Playstyle against Tryndamere, and a general tip against bruisers

This is the hardest part for Rengar, so if you just want him as an extra pick, pick him if there is a bad early tank or a squishy that isn't someone like Quinn, but if you want Rengar as your climb champion, focus and think about what i'm saying, imagine different match ups when you go into them, whatever you want.

Against heavy damage dealing bruisers that bully most characters in lane, you shine early game, as long as you can push harder so if they want to fight you have minion advantage, or you can bully them when they try to cs or get xp, especially to stop ferocity from someone like Tryndamere, who surprisingly people pick a lot against Rengar. Speaking of Tryndamere, let's talk about him, as I did before. On this matchup, try to keep him at 50 fury or less, and abuse him at level 2, as you will have 2 damage abilities and him 1, with a heal, however, if you did make a mistake at level 1 and he has a lead, W might be the better option.

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Leap onto him when you have 2 or 3 ferocity, and if you start winning the trade hard, and he doesn't get any or maybe 1 crit, keep going on him, because like I said you should have the advantage still if both of you are at similar HP amounts and you kept his fury down.

Doing this trade will give you an electrocute proc and might even give kill pressure if you get a double Q like I said, and can ignite, however, if he has 70 or more fury at level 2, you should think about taking W, as some Tryndameres like going W second for kill pressure, in that case you can cleanse the slow, and get away after doing your trade, try to keep the xp lead, keep taking small trades and using your w, maybe get a jungle gank, and soon you will have a good amount of ferocity, and he won't have a good amount of fury, and you can out trade and get your lead back. Alright, now's the time to go back to another counter.

Against Jax, your biggest counter

So, the reason why Rengar is very hard against bruisers, is because some of them hard counter you, or go even with you, and if you are the worse player, you could die easily early. Against someone like Jax, by the way, take electrocute, but if you are going against Jax let him push, it will allow you to make cleaner plays, you probably want to take W second, because their order for lane will probably be: E, W, Q. So what you can do is get your Q before you leap on him at 3 ferocity, and if he uses E you can dash to one of the enemy minions that should be more near your turret, since you let him push, or you can face tank his E, and W cleanse the stun. This is where you decide to go in or not. His E is on a 16 second cooldown, and his W at a 7 second cooldown to start off with.

If he has about 300 health after this keep going on him, and don't ignite unless he has like Doran's Blade, which is really common in lower elo Jax players, bait out his flash and keep trading, doing small pokes, bait out his E, and for the next 15 seconds your good to go in on him when his E is on cooldown, and like I said before let him push up.

My last tip for Jax is, don't be afraid to flash his E stun at level 2, as that is the only thing that counters you. If you too are fighting in the bush closest to your turret, flash into the middle bush at a good time, most people will hold his E, HOWEVER, I don't really recommend this play against Jax players as it is a big 50 50 that could lose you lane, because he can flash onto you before his E runs out, but if you get a good flash off, he should be dead because of the bushes top lane, if not you can get his flash easily. To recap, since this is a very skill heavy match up and confusing match up, that is favored toward Jax, try to get a good trade off at level 2, using electrocute whenever possible, try to burn some corrupting pots, and call for your jungler, because you need him.

Against pretty much every other meta bruiser

Every other bruiser is pretty much a lane bully, whether it be Pantheon, Renekton, Irelia, whatever. By the way if against Irelia you HAVE to dodge her E to beat her, since you can out damage her easily using your Q, and not hitting when she has damage reduction, hell, even be weary of your autos, as your autos can trigger electrocute and if her W is going while electrocute procs, it will really suck for you, but if you have to cleanse her E, it is very hard to win.

Against people like Pantheon and Renekton who shine in the early game, always keep your ferocity W, as they do their combos after they stun, even people like Sion get most of their damage when they hit a E slow. You can out damage the rest of their kit, especially if Renekton misses his Q, trying to burst you down heavily when he stuns you, or if Pantheon uses his E instantly.

Against Darius it is the same, always have your ferocity W, and if you do get pulled, which will be very unfortunate, head towards Darius after you cleanse his W slow, to not get hit by his Q, but again be weary, as he can flash before his Q ends to get you, there are a lot of 50 50s in Rengar match ups against lane bullies.

Against Fiora, only go in when you have a vital behind you, so if she wants it she has to Q into you, and your turret, also big tip for all bruisers who you have 50 50s against, let them push, haha. There is always a time between minion waves to do your burst, don't worry. But if she does Q your vital, be weary of her parry, as she can do it at a random time, and if you do a ferocity Q during her parry, you lose if you have semi equal health at the start of the trade.

Against Aatrox, out damage him early, stick onto him so he misses his Q, and if he does get a W on you, use your W after you get the slow, and if that does happen, he used his Q so now it's your turn.

Against Riven, just W her W, and get up close to her. Why? She has to Q in a direction, so if your right in front of her, and she uses her last Q in front of her, she might completely miss, or you can just walk in the opposite direction and kill. Now let's talk about some match ups that can really screw Rengar over if he doesn't play it perfect.

Vladimir might sound like a complete counter, but he's not, just wait for his W to be off cooldown, or leap at him when you have 3 ferocity, Q him, get good damage, and if he uses pool and sticks on you or runs away, just E him when he gets out and you got a good trade.

Poppy is like Vladimir, seems like a counter because of her W which blocks your leaps completely, but it has a pretty long cooldown, but she can charge you while it's in effect, so if you do go against her, try to leap onto her when her W is on cooldown, or bait it out using a leap and staying away from walls, and ferocity W her charge if she does get a charge stun, of course dodger her Q, and after that you go ham on here, but you should use grasp, because she has a built in shield, you gotta sustain against that and her weird passive trades somehow.

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Yasuo, you just outdamage early, lower elo Yasuo players are really used to winning level 1's and going up into top bush because they don't know how to ward river for their Jungler, so surprise them with YOUR burst, and stick on them and do weird movements to dodge his Q, basically early game, you win.

Weird Match Ups that aren't in your favor most of the time

  • Garen, he can have insane regen, so even if you do take electrocute WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T AGAINST HIM, he can just get doran's shield plus his passive, plus he has a silence for when you want to ferocity him, and if you are the villain, you lose lol.
  • Rumble, he has a good shield, pretty high hp, really good trades with his Q and E, and he can screw you over with his ult if you get ganked, but again, let him push since hes a pretty big counter. Also usually goes for hp ap items which make him even harder to kill, even Zhonya's.
  • Surprisingly, Gnar, really good sustain, can get speed to get away from you when he has his W, a leap to get away from you, and in big form he can cc you so hard that even W won't help to get away from a gank, if you do go against him let him push.
  • Tryndamere COULD be a counter, but most of the time isn't, but it is a RNG matchup, because of his passive, so be weary.
  • I already mentioned Jax.
  • Urgot is SO BROKEN, he has insane damage, an insane slow, an amazing shield, a Singed fling but better, this guy has it all, very good champion, maybe some Rengar pros know how to beat him, but god am I clueless.
  • Shen, he can W your autos and play under turret to stop you from getting fed, which is how you carry in lower elo games, if you leap on him, he can just taunt you and W. Life sucks. TRY to let him push as much as possible, but it might be a case closed honestly.
  • Wukong, if you use any of your burst on his clone, you lose the trade, he also does insane damage. If going against him, sit under tower and use all your cooldowns to cs, let him poke you using abilities and then use W, don't get TOO low though, because he can ignite and your W will heal nothing, always save your w for his burst damage, and always Q ferocity, because if you E ferocity, he can just press w, he's actually an okay matchup, it's just a really skill based one.
  • Akali, if you leap on her, she can just press w and go ham on you, if you do play against her, once again let her push, just like all match ups other than some squishies and tanks, leap on her, bait her W out, and use your w after she uses Q on you, OR, if you have no minions, and she uses E. She has very high burst so try to heal about 90 or 100 early game. Also, maybe try to use it earlier, since she usually takes ignite.
  • Illaoi, my next champion on the most OP champions plat and under, just an insane bully, that has really good aoe damage, like Darius but in my opinion… Better?


If the enemy champ has sustain, and can tank well, like Vladimir maybe, go Doran's shield to keep up, if not go Doran's Blade, and against a really boring match up like against Garen where you DON'T want to take any trades, take long sword to build into Serrated Dirk faster, your build order should be Duskblade, Youmouu's, and Stormrazor, unless you have Electrocute, or against tanks, you could go Black Cleaver first, and against bully mages, you can go Spirit Visage after Black Cleaver, but most of the time in low elo, you just want one shot damage, so Duskblade, Youmouu's, and Stormrazor for Grasp, or if you have electrocute and are fed, you could go Guardian Angel, and other items that can help you survive more, as if you are fed you should still be able to keep up with damage, but like I said before, Rengar is very versatile, keep on lookout for match ups that could benefit from Maw or Guardian Angel.

Other Tips

If you get super fed, like 3 kills in top lane before 15 minutes and good cs, or if you get first turret for example, and you have Boots and Duskblade, hunt for unique kills for your necklace.

Try to Permaban Urgot, as he of course can survive your burst, and deal a good amount of damage as well, he also has a pretty high pick rate, and if the enemy sees you pick Rengar, they might want to pick Urgot that much more.

Track the enemy jungler, when trying to hyper carry as an assassin like Rengar, see if the enemy top laner leashed the jungler, and then ward instantly if that is true, if not wait until about 2:20 to ward, and imagine their route, look at things like the crab to see if it was taken by the enemy jungler, different factors like that.

The End

Alright guys that's my guide, spent about 3 hours and 45 minutes on it, hopefully it gets as much attention as my last one, my format seems a lot better imo, give me some other tips for formatting if you want, debate me on different things, blah blah, sorry for the against pretty much every bruiser paragraph, was really hard to format that. That's it guys, any questions, ask me or go on r/Rengarmains, pce.

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