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Why Samira has 85% ban-rate and what needs to change

LeagueofLegends7 - Why Samira has 85% ban-rate and what needs to change

I just wanted to make a post about why I think Samira is way too overtuned and what I would change. Please excuse my poor English.

This is gonna be yet another "rant-essay" post, but there is a good reason for that – Samira's ban-rate was at 83,51% on 10.20 and despite the nerfs she got, it has just risen over 10.21. Having played as, and against Samira, I have few clear issues with this champion. I'm also listing some positives, as I really like this champion idea and want her to be played, not banned.

Passive – Daredevil Impulse

Samira's passive has some pretty cool and unique features. But it is just overloaded.

  1. Style ranks – When Samira damages a champion different from the previous damaging hit she get a stack. At max stacks she can cast her ultimate. This is the thing that defines Samira. She gets some movement speed with more stacks and this is helpful because of her low range.
  2. Within 200 range Samira's auto attacks become non-projectile (melee) and deal bonus damage. This is still reasonable as she wants to get close to deal damage. Getting this close will make you vulnerable so it is not "free" damage.
  3. And finally the third part. The "Swain passive". Samira will knock up any immobilized champions, and if the target isn't in Samiras attack range, she will dash towards them.I really don't understand why this has to be in her kit. Her damage is really overwhelming already and she has an identity as an ADC-assassin, so why does she need CC on her kit? Not many assassins neither marksmen have CC on their kit. So why should Samira have? Also with her E she can dash to any target, clearly she has enough mobility already. This champ really doesn't need a CC-dash passive. Samira will still be good if her team has any kind of setup.

This is a problem I have with new champions. Their PASSIVES are overloaded with 2-4 different things and make them way too well rounded with no vulnerabilities. Active abilities are easier to balance, if they are overloaded, just give them bigger cooldowns and they won't be so oppressive.

Q – Flair

Samira fires a shot in a straight line and damages the first thing it hits. If targetable enemy is in melee range in front of her, she will do damage in a cone. This is a really cool ability and doesn't need much tuning at all IMO. Maybe the interaction with E needs some work, but then again you are sacrificing 2 of your abilities that you need to stack passive.

W – Blade Whirl

Samira blocks all projectiles around her for 1.25 seconds, dealing damage twice. Basically a 1.25 second 360 windwall. Sounds pretty broken, eh? My opinion – not too bad. Why, you might ask

  1. This ability has a really long cooldown, 30 seconds
  2. You can play around this cooldown a lot. If you keep track of her W cd, you will find windows to kill her in lane pretty easily.
  3. Her super low range requires a defensive spell in her kit
  4. Only problem I have with this ability is the duration. 1,25 and immune to all projectiles… That's pretty long. Compare that to Sivir E – That only lasts for 1,5 seconds and blocks ONE spell
  5. Could receive some damage buffs to encourage more aggressive usage

This will be still the most frustrating part about playing vs Samira. Even though this ability is not that OP, it will be just as frustrating as playing vs Yasuo windwall. Samira's ban rate will probably stay high if this ability doesn't end up getting nerfed, but this won't affect her win-rate too much.


E – Wild Rush

Samira dashes in the direction of the target allied or enemy unit and slashes all enemies in her path. Reasonable dash for a champion so low range. Allows her to get close to utilize her passive damage. This ability is fine as it is but if I had to change it

  1. The cooldown reset on kill is way too good with her ultimate. If she is able to cast E while she is using her ultimate, she shouldn't be able to use it multiple times. So maybe lower the cooldown on kill to 2-3sec or 70-80%. Or just remove the reset completely and give this ability a lower cooldown
  2. The ability to dash to allies and allied minions. Either this or the ability to dash to CC'd enemies needs to go.

R – Inferno Trigger

When Samira's passive is fully stacked to S-rank, she can cast her ultimate to rapidly fire her weapon to deal a ton of damage. I have a few problems with this ability, and I'll start with the biggest one for me.

  1. Unlike a Katarina, she can cast her dash (E) during her ultimate. This is what will make her broken in pro play and higher levels of play. It is a bad combination to give her the ability to dash during her ultimate and at the same time, give her a cooldown reset on her dash (E).How I would fix it?- Either remove the mechanic completely and compensate on damage- Make the E cooldown not reset completely when getting a kill. So maybe like reset it to 2-3 seconds after a kill so she wouldn't be able to cast E multiple times during her R
  2. Lifesteal is 100% effective on her R. This is what makes Samira way too hard to shut down after she gets DD or BT.

These new champions don't need damage nerfs, they need their kits to be stripped down a bit. Damage nerfs will just make the champ non-existent on the rift with a 45% win-rate (looking at you Aphelios) or they just won't change a thing and keep the 85% or so ban-rate.

And of course pre-season is 2 weeks away, so new items might change things a lot.

Thank you for reading my post. My overall opinion on this champion is that even though she is a bit strong right now, most people say that she is strong for completely wrong reasons. I believe that if she gets a few features stripped away from her kit, she will see more play and be easier to balance.

TL;DR Samira's passive is overloaded and the CC-dash Swain passive should be removed. W isn't as OP as people make it out to be, but is a reason why her ban-rate is high. Samira shouldn't be able to use dash (E) while casting ultimate.

Edit: Removed the comparison to katarina. Katarina isn't so much the same champion, but I wanted to make a point on that assassins and marksmen rarely have CC; so why should a marksman-assassin have CC

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