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Why the game is more interesting when not every role does carry level damage.

LeagueofLegends6 - Why the game is more interesting when not every role does carry level damage.

There once was a time when mid and adc were the main damage for the team, and sometimes top. Jg and supp were mainly valued for their vision duties, utility and cc. But good players on those roles could still carry because the ability to control the map outside of wave management is very strong. Now it just feels like everyone does everything and it makes each role less unique. And it seems like the justification for this is that silver supports can't carry their games without damage. Well duh, you should have to understand vision and the value of your abilities to carry on a role that's based on knowledge like jg/support. It doesn't make sense to me that we should make non-carry roles able to carry just because it feels better for them. Yah it feels better, but now the uniqueness of each role is crumbling. Now, at the highest level of the game jg players have insane damage and control of the map, and same with support. Challenger is overcrowded with junglers and autofilled supports are oneshotting their adc counterparts. Except now that vision has more or less been offloaded to be everyone's responsibility, a support doesn't get to carry with vision even if they wanted to.

To me, part of what makes League so interesting is the specialization of each role.

Top is an island of power who can singlehandedly dominate his laner, has ability to gamble in lane strength with ignite or carry map control w/ objectives w/ teleport.


Jungle is a mastermind of prediction and strategy to tip the influence of their laners, execute plans, and interfere with the enemy jungler.

Mid is the queen of the game that influences the map with their presence and is a carry in damage.

Adc is the reliable damage that becomes monstrous late game.

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Support is the vision, objective control, playmaking CC who does little damage but carries in other ways.

To me, these were the archetypes of the game, and each of them was satisfying in their own way, albeit not for everyone. Now, it seems like the specialized aspect of each role have been gutted to make it easier for bad players to understand what happens if they get autofilled, or to make the game more "interesting" ™ by having everyone just do tons of damage. It honestly sucks.

tl;dr: Instead of each role having a defined purpose, everyone is capable of a little bit of everything. It makes the game less interesting because you don't have to play around carries and overloads supp/jg with damage. What's more interesting, chess, where each piece does different things, or checkers, where each piece is essentially the same?

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