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Why you should build Everfrost on almost every AP champion in ARURF

LeagueofLegends11 - Why you should build Everfrost on almost every AP champion in ARURF

It's that time again, ARURF is finally back for the first time this season. As someone who plays a lot of URF and ARURF every time it comes back as a rotating game mode, I like to spend time theorycrafting fun builds. When I read the ARURF changes at the end of the 11.3 patch notes, two changes they mentioned really caught my eye.


Bonus mana will now be converted to health at a 40% ratio. Bonus mana regen is converted to health regen at a 100% ratio.

When I read this I couldn't believe it. This means that the mana mage mythics (Liandry's, Luden's, and Everfrost) now give a free bonus 240 HP. Additionally, Seraph's now gives 344 HP excluding it's passives. This makes mana builds extremely strong in URF. Here is an example of two builds on a lvl 16 Ahri. Build #1 being the Everfrost mana build and build #2 being a standard Ahri build. As you can see, not only does build #1 give more AP, it also gives 506 more bonus HP than build #2.

So why take Everfrost instead of the other mage mythics? First of all, due to the changes mentioned above, it grants 440 HP. That means this mage mythic give more HP than most tank items. Additionally, it's active is only on a 5 second cooldown. This is very abusable in lane and helps set you or your allies up for hitting your spells.


ARURF (and URF) now grants 300 ability haste instead of 80% CDR. Ability haste you gain from other sources will stack with the URF bonus unlike in previous runs.


This change seems to have tricked a lot of players into thinking that it is ok to build items with ability haste now since unlike CDR in previous URF patches, you can actually build ability haste to reduce your cooldowns even further. However in almost all cases, this is a nerf when compared to URF from last season. 300 ability haste converts to 75% CDR. Since ability haste has diminishing returns, you would have to build 100 additional ability haste just to get back to the usual 80% CDR. For this reason, building items like lucidity boots is an immense waste of gold and an item slot.


However there is one large benefit to this ability haste change: Cosmic Drive. For those who are unfamiliar, cosmic drive grants move speed every time you deal damage with an ability equal to 10 + 20% of your ability haste. This means that in URF comic drive gives you a whopping 80 MS. This is quite honestly insane and makes cosmic an essential item on any AP champion that is looking for some mobility.



  • Mana builds, specifically Everfrost and Seraphs now give a ridiculous amount of bonus health. They should be bought on almost every AP champion in URF.

  • Comic Drive grants 80MS on any ability damage. It is a must have for any AP champion looking for mobility.

  • Never itemize for ability haste and please do not buy lucidity boots.

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