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With 2021 being the year of the Ruined King, I wish Riot would give us more expansion on the origins and usage of “Holy Water.”

LeagueofLegends8 - With 2021 being the year of the Ruined King, I wish Riot would give us more expansion on the origins and usage of "Holy Water."

The title says it all.

Currently there are two types of holy water in the game:

1 Blue Holy Water — the original holy water from the Blessed Isles

2 Yellow Holy Water — the holy water we see in the LOR "None Escape" Cinematic" (which I will refer to as Holy Water Prestige Edition)

As everyone who read Viego's story already knows, the reaction between the holy water and Viego's sword (or something like that idk) caused the Ruination and created the Shadow Isles. According to lore, there are currently two remnants of this original holy water: in the vial that Yorick wears around his neck, and within the bark of Maokai.

Maokai's bio states:

the sacred reservoir he had entrusted to men was fully corrupted – the spiraling coils churning underwater until nothing pure remained.

which heavily implies that all of the holy water from the blessed isles has been corrupted and destroyed.

Moreover, Maokai's story states that the Holy water is damaging to shadow isles spirits:

She screeches, recoiling as if burned, and I roar. The groundwater within me is anathema to such unnatural beings.

Now onto Holy Water Prestige Edition:

In "None Escape," we see that Buhru priests use Holy Water Prestige Edition to create "bubbles" around their ships that the shadow isles spirit cannot cross. At 0:59, we can see that the "wards" that they use the Holy Water to like creates some sort of wall/safe zone within the Shadow Isles. Since these wards are constantly relit, this implies that Holy Water Prestige Edition is either renewable or in very high abundance. We do not know whether it has the same healing properties as the original holy water.

The acolyte carrying the bucket (?) of Holy Water Edition is essentially shielded from Shadow Isles spirits and Thresh until the cinematic required that he spill it and die. This shows that the Holy Water Prestige Edition can carry the same effect as the vial around Yorick's neck, keeping spirits away.


In contrast, despite Maokai drinking up very large amounts of holy water prior to the ruination, the vast majority of his external bark was damaged or withered away, with only his "saturated heartwood" allowing him to survive. Whether this is an inconsistency as to the effectiveness of holy water, or because the mist effects Maokai differently because he's a tree, is unknown.

Given all this, my main question is: would the Ruined King be afraid of Holy Water similar to the likes of Thresh and shadow isles spirits? Because in that case, the ruination would just turn into:

  1. Give Senna a vial of Holy Water Prestige Edition (given her experience in Thresh's lantern, you'd think she would have gotten one long ago).
  2. Give everyone a vial.
  3. Maokai gives everyone a piggy back ride.
  4. Skip steps 1-3 and just have Maokai sit in front of the ruined king
  5. ???

But yeah, the effects and origins of Holy Water aren't very well explored right now, and I'd love if Riot explored it and its effects a bit more. Also why are there two colors anyway.

Feel free to let me know if I missed anything.
PS: This is my first reddit post so idk how to format stuff, sorry :C


Maokai bio: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/maokai/

Maokai story: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/maokai-color-story/

"None Escape" video:

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