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With plenty of broken functionalities, the LoL Esports website is disappointing.

LeagueofLegends1 - With plenty of broken functionalities, the LoL Esports website is disappointing.

I wanted to raise attention on how poorly kept this website is, because it's been the case for a long time and nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets fixed.

I've been using the LoL Esports website to watch the beginning of the LCK and LPL, and just from that:

  • Stats don't work. I was curious about a skill order during the T1-DWG match earlier today, so I went to the stats part of the page, and nothing on it at all. Same over the next games.

  • The LCK started on the 13th, and still not a single VOD has been put up. They get uploaded on the LCK's Youtube channel ~an hour after the match (which is much longer of a wait than the third-party VOD websites give you), but nothing on LoL Esports, which still shows the message "Matches start on 13 January, check back then for VODs!"

  • The only source to watch the LCK is Twitch. And while Twitch is bad enough a video player on its own, its integration on LoL Esports is even worse, since it doesn't give any way of going back if you missed the past five seconds (without opening the actual Twitch website).

  • LPL games don't count towards the Watch missions, for some reason? And no information about it in any place where information should be able to be found (on the mission, on the warning, or on a link in either of these).

  • There should be more transparency around drops. And by more transparency, I mean just any sort of information. The website tells that the LPL games aren't eligible for drops, and that the LCK ones are. However, my viewing experience seems to indicate that drops are enabled for neither of these regions. So this just feels like a scummy bait.

  • Speaking of drops, the page where you can take a look at your drops occasionally (fairly regularly) loads indefinitely.

  • Speaking of drops again, I'm hoping that they'll be less of a mess this year, with Riot actually following up on what they announce, instead of us having to remind them "hey, remember that you said we'd get drops on pentakills / on the first Soul per stage / etc?" for the uncertain possibility of them retroactively giving a drop 6 days later. Also all these cases of drop codes not working (Alienware, Secret Lab).

  • The tab for the VODs of the LEC indicates "Matches start on 4 January, check back then for VODs!". They do, in fact, start next week.

  • The news tab doesn't have a search function, which has made it needlessly hard to look for some older basic information.

Most of these aren't big problems, some of them aren't even really an issue for anyone. But those are just examples of problems that are easily fixable to improve the experience, and because they aren't fixed, they pile up and they also become a norm. "Why would we fix this when there's a lot worse" instead of "this one issue appeared here, let's quickly put it back in line".

Riot does this thing with plenty of the auxiliary products that they create. Perhaps all of them. The Esports website, the main website, the old website, the match history website, Fantasy LCS, the clubs, the League+ app – and honestly, even the client to an extent. They make the product, they release it… and poof. They forget it and no longer do any work on it, not even for maintenance. So it degrades, and eventually gets removed (to be replaced or not).

Alongside this comes the now-norm of third-party websites doing the job better than the official product. It shouldn't be like that, and it's sad. Particularly from the most popular game, particularly from the game that should lead by example.

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