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With Qiyana being the 145th champion released, it would be nice to increase the amount of champions that go on sale per week

LeagueofLegends5 - With Qiyana being the 145th champion released, it would be nice to increase the amount of champions that go on sale per week

Right now you have 5 champions that go on Sale weekly. With current amounts of champions, you would need to wait 29 weeks for a chance of the champion you want to buy to go on sale, if that specific champion goes on sale on the 29th week. Thats way too long, especially since we dont actually get a detailed spreadsheet on what champions are going on sale on what week. We just get a big list of champions that 100% will go on sale during the month.

Before blue essance, it used to take an eternity to get champions. Now with the current system, its just a tad below forever.

You can save a shard to get a discount on a champion you want for people that want to comment that silly line, but dont forget to leave out that its totally RNG based and you might even get things like emotes, skins and wards from a Hextech Chest when you might want a champion shard.

Champion capsules gives a minimum of 810 BE per capsule. LVL 30 > 31 needs 2688 XP. Average game XP is about 200XP without FWOTD. That means you need between 12-15 games depending on wins or losses. XP thresholds also goes up per level which means more and more games required to level up. That means if you are really unlucky and only get 810 BE in a capsule for a few levels, in order to buy a 6300 BE champion you would need a minimum of 96 games in order to get 6480 BE. Thats way to much, even if it is the worst possible scenario.

But this post is not about BE gains. The company wants to make money and they should be able to, which is why we now move on to RP. 975 RP for a 6300 BE champion. That used to be fine a couple of years ago, were 10€ used to net me 1780 RP. Just 20RP short of a Legendary Skin which is crazy by todays standard. You could with RP buy, a full 975 worth champion and still have 805 RP left to spend on things you want. Now I get 1380 RP for 10€ which is not worth it in simple mans terms. Eventually even whales will refuse to pay this amount and then the business model dies completely.


If the worth of a champion is not about to decrease, at least increase the amount of champions that could go on sale per week. From 5 to 20. That means they can go on sale multiple times per year and still net more total sales than ever before. It would allow people to stock up on RP and buy loads of champions at once. Which would be a win for both parties, since they were not going to spend money on RP otherwise.

If you are going to say that it would lose the company money, then you're wrong. People like me would not spend money to buy a champion for 975 when all I get is 1380RP for 10€. But buying 2 for 975 is more lucrative. I would even spend 50€ to buy RP if I could get 10+ champions on sale because thats more preferable to me. It could only increase amount of sales.

Lastly I want to say that in my opinion, gaining money on buying a champion with RP is an outdated concept, and I would rather have to spend RP on things below that we dont currently have yet that can be developed and net more income and that people might actually want to buy:

  • Higher Quality Skins

  • Announcer Packs

  • Map Skins

  • Champion Skin packs on Discount

  • Profile Banners

  • Custom HUD's

  • 10€ per 3 months for all access gamemodes like Urf, Nexus Blitz, and Doom Bots etc..

  • Tournaments with RP stakes. Everyone in a 16 team tournament puts in 10€ worth of RP and winner takes all and gets divided by 5.

etc etc..

Thanks for reading!

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