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With Spear of Shojin, what exactly is Riven’s weakness supposed to be?

LeagueofLegends2 - With Spear of Shojin, what exactly is Riven's weakness supposed to be?


I'm not even asking "OMG HOW TO WIN VS RIVEN SHE TOO OP", I'm just asking in theory. Every champion has some form of win condition and some kind of weakness that can be exploited. So what exactly is Riven's?

This has kind of been the case forever, I just cannot figure out what this champion is supposed to lack, it just feels like she does absolutely everything any other champion can do.

Splitpushing? She's hyper mobile and can duel any champion in the game. Slap a Spear of Shojin on top and she can 1v1 you if she feels like it. And hey, just in case she can't, she can spam Q and E to escape pretty much anyone.

Teamfighting? Spear of Shojin Riven is insane at that too, the spammability of her CC and the DPS she brings is nuts. She's also so mobile it's impossible to truly lock her down in a teamfight.

Tank busting? Black Cleaver synergizes insanely well with her kit.

Frontlining? Again, with Spear of Shojin, her E is so spammable it feels like she always has it up.

Popping squishies? One full rotation of Q with auto resets + ult and any squishy will get absolutely blown up.

So just lock her down? QSS + insane mobility. QSS builds into Mercurial, which she loves because of the lifesteal and AD scaling on every single ability she has.


Riven has always tread the line of "kind of bullshit", but the mechanical proficiency needed to pull off her combos made it feel a bit more fair. Like if a Riven managed to 1v1 you, that's because the dude smurfed on you. But with Spear of Shojin, your cooldowns are so unreasonably short, if you just spam QWEQWEQWE ad nauseam and one ability will inevitably end up chaining into another and you'll be able to pull off a combo, even by accident. And if you don't, the raw damage coming from Q spam, the CC from W spam and the tankiness from E spam will just fuck you regardless.

And in case you haven't noticed, this isn't a Riven hate thread. This is a Spear of Shojin hate thread. But it's the item that makes the champion feel more unfair to play against than release Zoe.

Obviously it's not getting removed (nerfs won't help to it either, since it's the passive that fucks you and if you gut it on stats hard enough, nobody would buy it so it'd be better off to just remove it to begin with) and obviously Riven isn't getting nerfed (she doesn't need to be, she's fine as a champion by herself, but the item makes her ungodly broken), so I'd really like to know, at the current state of the meta, what exactly is Riven supposed to be bad at? What weaknesses is she supposed to have and what the goddamn hell is anyone supposed to do when playing against her?

If some Riven mains can shed some light on what the champion is supposed to be weak against, I'd be very appreciative.

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