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With spring split nearing its end, where do the worlds 2018 teams stand right now?

LeagueofLegends5 - With spring split nearing its end, where do the worlds 2018 teams stand right now?


2018 worlds was a slapdown for the most dominant region of LoL and the fate of their worlds representatives shows that. Afreeca, KT and GenG all lost 2-3 players and all three find themselves near the bottom of the standings(7th, 8th and 9th). None can reach playoffs and one will go to relegation. Between the three of them, they only found three series wins against the top 6 teams so far (Afreeca wins vs Sandbox and Griffin, GenG vs Griffin), curiosly two of them vs KRs top team.


The representatives of the world champion region stay strong. None made any roster adjustments, IG sits at 9-3, RNG at 8-3 and EDG at 6-5, all in the playoff spots. Only EDG is in a fairly precarious situation at 7th place, IG already secured playoffs and RNG needs one more win.


Europes teams also remain strong. Two players changed for G2, one for Fnatic (+soaz leaving) and one for Vitality. All three secured playoffs with G2 finishing 1st, Fnatic 3rd and Vitality 5th. Though both G2 and vitality had some bad weeks towards the end of the regular season, all three had some very dominant weeks.

North America

Liquid continues their domination over NA, getting a new support and mid player made them even stronger than last year and they already secured 1st place before the final week with a 14-2 record. On their heels are Cloud 9, who replaced their mid, but didn't lose any momentum, with 12-4, they fight for 2nd place vs TSM. The third NA representative 100T sits at the bottom of the standings. With a world champion adc and a different mid player, they are 4-12 and out of playoffs.


The Flash Wolves, the eternal dominators have some trouble, currently sitting at 8-2 (sounds odd, but they only lost 1 series in the entirety of 2018), but are still a very strong team in their region despite losing three players. MAD, who finished worlds 0-6 and kept the same roster, lead the LMS with a 9-2 record. G-Rex lost their ad-carry and are currently middle of the pack with a 4-6 record.


Gambit lost support Edward and a new midlaner shares playtime with Kira, but stays strong, currently sharing 1st place with a 10-2 record.


Supermassive replaced their korean mid and support with different korean mids and support (Frozen, who played for Fenerbahce since 2017 and world champion Wolf). They finished the regular season in 2nd place with a 16-2 record, only losing to 1st place Fenerbahce.


Latin America North

Infinity esports has a new support, though Arce is still on the roster as a sub. In the new combined Latin American league, they sit at 1st place with 15-3.

Latin America South

Kaos Latin gamers is one of the teams which really lost this year. The team lost three players, including their most well-known one, jungler Tierwulf (who plays for Splyces academy team now). They sit at 4-14 at 6th place, but still have a chance at making playoffs, since the LAT league has 6 playoff spots for just 8 teams.


Kabum didn't make any roster changes, but apparently can't keep up that well anymore. Kabum sits at shared 5th with an 8-11 record and fights for the last playoff spot and against relegation (4th place is playoffs and sits at 9-10, 7th place is relegation and also at 8-11)


Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Dire Wolves were THE OCE teams the past years. They dominated the region and won the last four OPL titles. After 2018 worlds, DW lost 4 of their 5 players. They now sit at 1-17 and are dead last in the OPL, a disastrous split for the new roster.


Detonation Focus me moved from always 2nd to dominator. DFM finished 2nd in the LJL for four splits (summer 2016 – spring 2018) before winning summer 2018 to qualify for worlds. Since their biggest rival Pentagram disbanded after the 2018 season, because they weren't offered to participate in the LJL, there is nothing holding them back anymore. With a 16-1 record, they dominate the region. Rosterwise, they replaced their support.


Phong Vu Buffalo didn't make any roster changes and stays dominant. They locked in 1st place with a 11-1 record before the final week.


SEA is difficult, due to the mess the region is. The SEA tour spring didn't even start yet. The first round, the national qualifiers starts at the end of march, then follows the national championship, followed by the SEA championship, where the winner goes to MSI. Ascension Gaming immediately disbanded after worlds (funding problems). Three of their five members went to Mega, the second strongest Thai team. They recently announced two koreans to fill the remaining positions.

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