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With the possibility of a Fiddlesticks rework imminent, here is my simple idea on how to make him scarier.

LeagueofLegends9 - With the possibility of a Fiddlesticks rework imminent, here is my simple idea on how to make him scarier.

For starters, I want to make a statement.

Fiddlesticks is a spooky scarecrow and should win fights by knocking opponents out of their chairs IRL.

If you disagree that’s fine, but I feel like both Nocturne and Fiddlesticks should genuinely scare you. Nocturne currently accomplishes this with his ult, but Fiddlesticks is just a goofy scarecrow.

How to change this

I propose one big change and one semi-big change to Fiddlesticks.

Big: When Fiddlesticks is in a game, 7 scarecrows will spawn around the map in areas that the enemy team does not have vision of (excluding under allied towers, etc.). Upon seeing one of these scarecrows, the enemy champion is granted the debuff “Paranoid” for as long as the scarecrow is in champion vision, lingering 10 seconds afterwards. The debuff quietly plays heartbeat noises or fiddle’s song or some other sketchy noises for the duration. Once out of vision, the scarecrow will vanish and appear somewhere else out of vision.

This change would accomplish two things. First, it would make Fiddlesticks’ passive actually useful, outside of the MS after casting his ult. Second, it would make playing against jungle Fiddle absolutely horrifying. Is that just a scarecrow, or is it going to sprint at me the second I step too close, fear me, then suck me to death?

Smaller: In addition to normal cast range, Fiddlesticks gets a cast area like Kai’Sa R around champions that are paranoid or feared.

These were originally separate ideas because I wanted to see synergy between Nocturne and Fiddlesticks since they’re both meant to be terrifying, but building a kit around a niche CC would make the extended range almost never useful. However, I still like the idea of Nocturne ulting across the map, screaming in the process, fearing the adc, and summoning a haunted scarecrow out of nowhere shortly afterwards so I figured that fear should be able to summon Fiddlesticks as well.

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Just to clarify, the scarecrows wouldn’t give vision, or alert the team that somebody found them, or anything. They just stand in the jungle and sometimes the lane bushes. Waiting. Definitely not moving though, right?

Edit: Okay so after a lot of discussion in the comments I’ve got stuff to add up top. I’m not as firmly decided on most of this as I am the things above, but I’ll share them for consideration.

Passive: Fiddlesticks can additionally empower scarecrows for 1 minute. Empowered scarecrows grant a small amount of vision and, once attacked, will run towards the attacker, fear them for , and mark them with the Terror debuff, which empowers Fiddlesticks’ abilities against these targets.

Q: Spawns an empowered scarecrow that walks a short distance and then freezes at the chosen location.

This will be part of jungle Fiddle’s farming kit for reasons to be revealed.

W: I’m not sure to be honest. It’s pretty cool as it is but it needs to pack more of a punch to fit in with Fiddle’s new “holy shit he’s here” feeling. Suggestions welcome.

E: No change suggestions from me BUT if the bird bounces off an enemy marked by Terror it doesn’t consume a bounce.

He farms by using Q, aggroing camps onto the scarecrow, then using E and doubling down on the damage. Raptors will finally be clearable in a reasonable timeframe, but this won’t impact fights against champions as much since at most it means an extra bounce.

R: In addition to ulting off of Paranoid enemies, Fiddle can MAYBE ult off empowered scarecrows. I’m not totally sold on this one, though.

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