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Wolf’s predictions on Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals and his thoughts on each team

LeagueofLegends5 - Wolf's predictions on Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals and his thoughts on each team

Wolf's recently uploaded

on his predictions regarding quarterfinals and also did some detailed analysis. I did a quick translation of them below!




DWG (First World's appearance, LCK "Rookies")


  • Nuguri’s kleptomancy

  • Showmaker and Nuclear


  • Nuguri’s kleptomancy

  • If Showmaker doesn’t pick Akali, game slows down

  • Beryl & Nuclear’s laning phase


G2 (Spring Champions , MSI Champions, Summer Champions, looking for the first GRAND SLAM)


  • Caps and Perkz’s teamwork

  • Use of Twitter

  • When Jankos is on, he is ON


  • Janko’s likes to play WoW

  • When G2 has a disadvantage, they go downhill

  • If both Perkz and Caps die, the game is over (too much reliance on them)

  • Wunder & Jankos’ carrying potential is a thing of a past


Prediction: Depends on how much Janko’s played WoW during worlds and how much Nuguri relies on kleptomancy. If G2 wins, it’s 3:1, if DWG wins, it’s 3:0, but thinks G2 has the edge overall since this is DWG’s first World appearance. G2 is a well-rounded team and DWG makes multiple mistakes, and seems to be weak when it comes to Bo5. Although LCK has Bo3, since G2’s champion pool is like an ocean, it’ll be tough to beat them if the games go to 5.

G2 3:1 Win




SKT (SKT Teamfight, SKT Speed, SKT Macro, SKT Laning, SKT Bo5, SKT Fundamentals)


  • God of Jungle clid

  • Khan who can fight anyone

  • Teddy who holds 94 minute game record

  • Faker who holds 94 minute game record

  • Poohmandu-Wolf-Mata-Effort legends


  • Effort’s performance has been underwhelming

  • Reliance on Clid


SPY (EU 3rd seed, doesn’t know too much about SPY)


  • Kobbe


  • No real “weight” as a team,

  • “Light” team

  • If Kobbe falters, game is over




SKT 3:0 Win



GRF (LCK 2nd seed, Chance of going to finals is 100% LCK meme to those who don’t know)


  • King of Jungle Tarzan
  • Chovy himself
  • Yummi and Shen Lehends
  • Viper’s champion pool
  • Use of Top Swap
  • Organic plays


  • Weak Top
  • Reliance on Tarzan and Chovy is too big
  • First time Worlds


IG (Defending champion, China’s hope)


  • TheShy’s Carry
  • Rookie
  • Ning is “coming” back to his form
  • Rather a balanced team


  • Ning is 50:50
  • TheShy can int a lot
  • Just like in MSI 2019, they’re rather unpredictable
  • If Rookie falters, can’t win game (doesn’t mean Rookie is bad)


Prediction: Griffin 3:2 Win

Mentions that GRF’s current form is outstanding and IG is weaker than last year.


FPX (LPL 1st seed)


  • DoinB’s champion pool
  • Gimgoon and Doinb’s teamwork
  • Individuals have great understanding of the game
  • Since they are LPL’s 1st seed, they might have confidence


  • LWX Kaisa’s flash, INTer
  • Unlike DoinB and Gimgoon, carry potential for Crisp and Tian is rather low
  • Roll of a dice kind of team
  • Too much reliance on DoinB and Gimgoon’s GP


FNC (EU’s historic team)


  • Bwipo and Rekkles is on FORM and seems to be improving
  • Broxah is a beast, Team is organic and methodical
  • Nemesis is consistent
  • Hylissang is a roll of a dice, from 2~10
  • 2nd week buff


  • Has too much haters (Wolf included loool)
  • Hylissang throws too much during early games
  • Doesn’t hold much weight when compared to other team
  • Rekkles can’t play non-traditional bot champion well other then Garen


Prediction FNC 3:1 Win

TL;DR Summary Semis = G2 vs SKT/ GRF vs FNC

Wolf thinks it will be SKT vs GRF at the end

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