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Worlds 2020 Meta – How SofM used vertical jungling to beat TL before minions spawned (SN vs TL Group C – Day 3)

LeagueofLegends7 - Worlds 2020 Meta - How SofM used vertical jungling to beat TL before minions spawned (SN vs TL Group C - Day 3)

While watching Worlds groups, I started to realize how many teams are commiting to level 1 invades and vertical jungling in the early game. The team that executed it to perfection was Suning Gaming against Team Liquid in day 3 of groups. I decided to do a full analysis of how they made this strategy work.

Here's a video version if you'd prefer: https://youtu.be/BSRTbr7wZgM

Step 1: Champ Select

  • Draft a strong early bot lane and jungler with lots of kill pressure and strong level 1

    • SN: HoB Draven, Leona, Nidalee
    • TL: Twitch, Rakan, Lee Sin
  • Draft a self-sufficient top laner that can lose gracefully and still be relevant without resources invested into their lane

    • SN: Jax (Great scaling, can group or split push based on game state)
    • TL: Volibear (not tremendous kill pressure, will need to snowball)

Step 2: Invade and force vertical jungling

  • With the level 1 advantage, SN forces TL out of their bot side jungle (red buff on blue side)
  • This isolates the bot lane for Nidalee, adding to the already tremendous pressure on Twitch/Rakan
  • For TL, they isolate top lane, which Jax recognizes and plays around

Step 3: Slow push & crash waves, zone off the enemy from XP and gold

  • Draven and Leona stacked the first 3 waves, lining up the crash with Nidalee's finishing krugs to hit level 3.
  • Twitch and Rakan were still level 1 at this point because of the lane priority, and couldn't contest the crash.
  • Lee Sin has committed to vertical jungling, and can only impact the top half of the map for now.
  • Nidalee, Draven, and Leona walk PAST TL's turret to zone them completely off a massive wave. They secure a huge CS lead, and 2 turret plates by 3:30

Step 4: Spend gold and repeat

  • By this point, Twitch/Rakan are too weak to even farm under turret alone. Any support from Lee Sin or Syndra would just lead to a lost fight and an even bigger deficit.
  • Galio and Nidalee continued to rotate down to bot lane, in sync with large waves crashing. TL's bot lane had to choose to give up gold and XP, or give up their lives.

End result: SN bot lane secures 4 turret plates, 1 kill, 35 CS lead, infernal drake, completed Infinity Edge…. all by 10:30


  • SN Angel on the Galio pick repeatedly crashed waves, and roamed for wards or ganks. With predator, he didn't waste any time in lane, he completely played to the win condition.
  • Broxah's only option in this game state is to try to gank top (the weak side for SN). Every time, Jax was able to dodge the pressure. To stay even with the Draven snowball, they would have needed to kill Jax on repeat and rotate their bot lane out of the matchup.

I hope you enjoy this analysis! 😀

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