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World’s Thoughts From My GF Who Doesn’t Know League

LeagueofLegends11 - World's Thoughts From My GF Who Doesn't Know League

My girlfriend, who does not play League and isn't a #gamer, was gracious enough to watch many many games of Worlds with me. She had some deep insights I'd like to share.


*The best champions are, in order: Tahm Kench (for his waddle), Renekton (for lane action), Blood Moon Kennen (for being a large red minion), and Pool Party Orianna (for the pufferfish).

*The worst champion is Volibear. He is lame and dumb and never fights. Lillia also should be deleted.

*Bwipo has the best on cam reactions. Rekkles is the next best player – for also showing emotion (if only she knew).

*All Koreans have Harry Potter glasses and they are all wholesome.

*League needs a Panda Bear champion (not a volibear skin). He should be able to bite people and also hit people with a bamboo stick. His name is Oreo.

*Gromp is renamed Grump.

*Krugs are renamed Kruds.

*Dragon should always be infernal (her prediction for soul is near 100%).

*Flyquest are "Flysomething" or "that one team with the name," but otherwise they are good to root for.

*Broxah please gank.

*The following player names are not cool because they sound like edgy teenagers: Broken Blade, Biofrost, PowerOfEvil.

*Skins make the game almost unwatchable for a new viewer. Pantheon and Azir look the same in certain skins, as do Ornn and infernal Alistar. When people choose dark skins like Moonlight Leona there's no chance.

*She was always able to recognize Graves because of the buckshot symbols.


*In watching, we used alternate names for some champions to make it easier to follow: Orianna is Ball Girl, Syndra is Other Ball Girl, Renekton is Croc, Ornn is Mountain Dwarf, Senna is Big Gun, and Lucian is The Husband.

*All female champs in the game have human (often old lady) names: Evelynn, Caitlyn, "Ashley" (for comedic effect); Male champs are given cooler names.

*She does not like TSM. TL are okay. She might become a Fnatic fan.

*League and eSports are pretty cool actually and if that's your thing you shouldn't hide it.

Edits (as I remember them):

*When Kennen's team has baron buff the minions are bigger than he is.

*It's unfair that you can get Elder buff when you've got no prior dragons and it's still so powerful.

*She was sad when Spica lost their final game since he's so young and it's clear he was trying so hard. She also said BrokenBlade looked 12 and Bwipo looked like an middle aged man.

*Blue buff was renamed Big Blue. Red buff never got a new name but she thought it was hilarious in the finals when Showmaker slammed Red buff into Damwon game 2 as Syndra (24:10).

*The game is called League of Legends but the characters are called Champions. "That's a real missed opportunity."


Thank you.

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