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You are iron 4, the night terrors awake you once more. With maybe 5 hours of sleep at maximum. you are eager to kill time before the day starts. You queue up for solo queue.

LeagueofLegends3 - You are iron 4, the night terrors awake you once more. With maybe 5 hours of sleep at maximum. you are eager to kill time before the day starts. You queue up for solo queue.

Your eyes barely can keep themselves open , your legs still weak from your meager rest. With the lights off , you slump yourself into the chair and turn on your monitor. The blinding white beam immediately scorns your corneas causing you to wince, the pain soon subsides.

As you log in you think about what you want to play today.


You make your choice based off 2 factors, you think its easy and you got a bard skin in a box so you are COMPELLED to play Bard even though you have never touched the champ.

Before you can even question your choice , the queue pops excited you accept immediately.

You are first pick, you ban Malphite because you think he is the most broken champ in the game. Without hesitation you lock in your bard and immediately ignore the rest of champ select to go upstairs to get yourself some mountain dew.

As you come downstairs you see your mother preparing for the day's tasks. She askes you when you will get a job, you respond with "Don't worry mom I'll figure it out, I sent a bunch of applications in so we just gotta wait for those" she doesnt believe you.

Wading through the rotted fast food and dozens of soda cans you return to your desk beverage in hand. Your team is comprised of the following:

TTVDariusAxex10140 a Darius onetrick

IfuckedmyKha'zin a Kha'zix player with nearly 3000 games on amumu and 3 on kha'zix

YasMyOuuu a Zed player

And your Riot matching assigned partner

a 1400 game Aphelios in his Iron 1 promos … his score is 2/2 he needs this win to get to Bronze.

The game loads into the rift. You run over to red to prep to leash your jg, you alt tab wanting to check a few messages in your DMs, there are none. You crack open your can of mountain dew and before you can take your first sip you hear a flurry of pings. Panicking you alt-tab back in to find a blitz hook dragging out into the enemy team.

First blood.

In a rage you slam your desk again as you have many times before. But the old girl cant take it anymore this was the final slam.

The table collapses under the weight of years of negligence and impudent rage, the thud, your anger and realization of your mistake reverberates through your home.


Your pc is injured , the glass panel has been shattered. The half empty soda cans pour into its wounds letting out your gaming rigs final sounds. Your closest companion is dead.

Your mother rushes upstairs to see what happened.

Anger fills your soul as she finds the carnage.

The next morning your parents sit you down and have a talk about your lack of goals and direction in life. You are given the ultimatum of get to work or get out.

Without the game to fill the void you find a job at the local gas station to fill your time.

The next few months are great, you have something to do you can afford to get the things you like. You start to dress better, take better care of yourself and soon even start to try your hand at getting a date.

On a frigid morning a man maybe 5 feet tall and 6 wide enters your establishment.

He reaks of body odor with a faint mix of axe body spray. He remind you of your former self, curious you start small talk with the stranger. The basic introductions go well then he askes"

"Hey, you play any games ?"

"Not much anymore, kinda got addicted so I avoid it now"

"oh damn dude, what game got you that bad"

"League , used to main jungle"

"oh sweet I play too i'm Aph onetrick !"

"Oh thats cool dude I remember the last game before I quit there was one in promos. Sucks that he lost it doe, I had to ditch"

The mood changes

Anger swells in the large mans face. a glare of death begins to appear.

then calm

he reaches to his waist

The shots ring out, and before you realize your mind goes blank.

You scream as you wake up. Your mother opens the door worried that something may have happened.

In tears you run up and hug her. You apologize for having been a burden for so long and that you will look for a job tomorrow. She holds you for a moment turns off the light and leaves.

You queue up anyways lock Bard and lose.

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