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You know when the Support doesn’t peel you JUST when you die? Don’t flame them. It’s probably your fault.

LeagueofLegends10 - You know when the Support doesn't peel you JUST when you die? Don't flame them. It's probably your fault.

You probably know the situation. You literally have 1 hp remaining. You just need Lulu to get to you, throw their shield and ult, and you can 1v5 gg ez. She's running down the lane with mobi boots, even W on herself to go faster. Then she stops in her tracks and watches you die. You spam ping Lulu Alive and R, then call FF.

Because, you know, Lulu "intentionally" ran across half the map just to NOT peel you.

There's a thing called "casting range". You 0-10 Yasuos might not know this, but a support needs to be at a certain proximity to you to cast buffs. While you're zipping around, you might very well be outside this range. So when you drop dead and they stand still, put yourself in their shoes before you flame. They're probably smashing their E or R key to activate as soon as you touch that blue casting circle, but you die. They literally cannot do anything to save you.

It doesn't help if you're actively running away from your support, or jumping over walls, or taking a turn that forces them to walk through minions or the whole enemy team, and then spam ? when they're not there to help you.

If they're in range and not peeling you, there's also another thing called "cooldowns". You have to be braindead to spend an entire fight with an active skill bar. But while you've tunnel visioned on the enemy backline, you might not realise your health bar going up, or the grey bar that is stopping your green one going down, or the fact that you are suddenly attacking faster than usual, or perhaps there's a HUGIFIED CHAMPION WITH GLOWING PURPLE PETALS right on screen. Then you die and wonder why they didn't shield you.

Here's the thing: if the Support was actually bad or trolling you, they wouldn't even be in the fight. They'll be farming a sideline. If you got yourself into trouble, they could just leave you to die because you're not worth saving and the team is better off avoiding giving a free support kill.

If they're with you in the fight, they're slamming their keyboard as much as you are. If they're pathing towards you, they tried. It's not their job to cover for your mistakes. Whether it's the fact that you get hit by every skill shot in lane, or you got picked face-checking a bush, they can't physically stop you from making the mistake and remove all penalties.


Just think before you start calling them an idiot.

Whether they are or not, they're not going to support you.

Support your supports.

Edit #1:

A lot of people are just coming up with scenarios where it is the support's fault (they mistimed their base, etc.). Bad supports (and bad players) do stupid things. A lot of supports (esp. autofilled ones) don't care about their ADC and do their own thing – that's true. But there are a lot of assumptions that a) this is the laning phase and b) the support always has to be with you.

There are plenty of reasons why a support has to go back first. If they did a lot of poor trades and are on low health, or they're backing to buy a mana crystal, sure, it's probably their fault. But it may be that they were targeted in a gank, got out alive, and have to reset. It's not ideal, but it happens and you have to adapt.

The scenario I'm visualising is mid/late game. There's little cohesion in solo queue, so naturally some players will get picked, some will die in skirmishes, some will drop away in dragon fights, etc. No one's shot-calling, so everyone's doing their own thing. The Support might be doing their bit – following the ADC, deep-warding, etc. The point is that a Support can't be everywhere, and they can't peel for four players in completely different parts of the map.'

I'm not trying to glorify supports, act like their perfect, get validation, or whatever. I'm not a good player and I won't pretend that I am, but that's irrelevant. When you're the one who gets killed, it's frustrating. Maybe it isn't your fault. But breathe before you flame the support who dropped everything to try to get to you. Get pissed off at the ones who have been blind all game and have done nothing at all.

Sometimes you're just both out of range of each other. It just looks like the Support is stupid because their spell is queued up and you die before it activates, so they automatically go into idle animation.

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