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You should know: Tristana’s Q is currently not working optimally. This is not a bug; this is an oversight.

LeagueofLegends5 - You should know: Tristana's Q is currently not working optimally. This is not a bug; this is an oversight.

On patch 10.7, Tristana's Q was fixed so that it would no longer cancel her basic attack animation.

In order to understand how this change has actually NEGATIVELY impacted experienced Tristana players (and is negatively impacting anyone who plays the champ, just without their noticing), it's important that we understand exactly how Tristana Q was working pre-10.7.

If you are acquainted with how Tristana Q interacted with her auto attack animation pre-10.7, please skip to the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Pre-10.7, Tristana's Q was flawed. It's true. If you activated your Q DURING an auto attack animation BEFORE the projectile was launched, it would restart the auto attack completely with the Q's bonus attack speed now taken into account. This was something that needed fixing, and I'm glad that it has been.

However, anyone who put time into learning how to optimize their Tristana gameplay by reading Mobafire guides or what have you back in the day knew of a crucial trick to not only avoid this malfunction, but OPTIMIZE the value of Tristana Q. In order to ensure the entire duration of Tristana Q was used, so not a single golden drop of that precious DPS boost was lost while NOT auto attacking, Tristana players learned to activate their Q DURING an auto attack animation AFTER the projectile was launched. This way, the bonus attack speed from Q would immediately apply to the remainder of the auto attack, so there would be NO wasted time on the duration of the buff, such as there would be if you were to activate the Q any time BEFORE starting to auto attack.

Before moving on, I want to emphasize that Tristana Q never "reset" her auto attack in a favourable way like with Rengar Q. The only thing Tristana Q did to auto attacks before 10.7, besides making them faster as soon as it was activated, was cancel them and start over if you turned it on too early during an auto attack.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So, what's the deal with airplane food? Wait, no…


So, what's the deal with Tristana Q post-10.7? Well, my aspiring Bandle Gunners, let me tell you! The bug with the restarting auto attacks was indeed fixed. Huzzah! Unfortunately, the way Tristana Q was fixed actually saddled the ability with a different malfunction, and that's what I'm here to try and raise awareness about. Read the following statement in bold carefully, and compare it with the video evidence I attached:

Tristana Q now only applies the bonus attack speed to auto attacks that start after it is activated.

To quote Dunkey: "what is wrong with this picture?" (Dunkey is the only known person to have said this.)

Well, what's wrong with it is this: you can no longer optimize the DPS gained from Tristana Q by activating it during an auto attack. If you activate Q at any point during an auto attack animation that has already begun, even by 0.1s, you are punished with one excruciating regular-speed auto attack while your Q is already active and the duration is ticking down. Sure, you can just activate the Q before you start attacking to minimize this loss, but this will always result in some lost value, if only milliseconds-worth. But more than that, any experienced Tristana players (coughs in 700k mastery) who learned for the last umpteen years to activate their Qs halfway through an auto attack animation in order to maximize the value of the spell are now forced to watch in misery as Tristana's big flaming cannon revs up like an old rust-bucket of a lawn mower for the rest of the auto attack that you had the GALL to activate your Q during.

TL;DR: Tristana Q post-10.7 isn't applying the attack speed immediately if cast while attacking.

Video Evidence (no scuttle crabs were harmed in the making of this Reddit post)

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