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You won’t be able to change game language anymore. Ever

LeagueofLegends9 - You won't be able to change game language anymore. Ever

I was chosen to be one of the unlucky ones to have the new client, and like some of you know, you can't change game language on game's directory anymore if you have it, and i've always played my games in english to practice(I'm brazilian), and have been playing League since early 2012 when it didn't even have a brazilian server at the time, so i'm familiar with the voices and names in english, naturally; i was bothered for being forced to play in PT-BR(note that the voices are really good, but like i said, i always try to practice my english and i'm familiar with the game in its natural language)and went to their online support chat to communicate about it.. after describing it to the attendant, here's how it went:

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"Ah yes, this is unattached to the new launcher, in the last patches have entered updates that block the game's language alteration… before we didn't teach how to do it, and on present day you can't do that alteration anymore, unfortunately the available language is only from the local server"

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"Sorry but even going back to the old launcher this option wouldn't come back, currently you can only play on BR server with its local language" "I get it, too hard-working to include an option to change the game's language, right?" "It's still a small company, i understand"

Yeah, before you flame me for being rude to the attendant, i admit that i was really mad with his response and all the situation, but later i told him that even still i understand that he probably couldn't do anything about it in his position, and even thanked him for his good reception and support.

I know that probably some of you won't give a damn about it, 'cause it's a problem to non-native english speakers, but still, it's kinda sad to see Riot treat their players that way, they don't give a F to just add a language option.. there are games much more older that give you those options, and they simply won't care about it. And so, i'm guessing in the future we won't be able to play with the language we want to, guess it will be region-locked, or something like that.. at least if not enough people complain to them about it.

So, if you're annoyed at this language-lock they're putting, i ask you, bother them, and i don't mean "bother" as being rude and offend them, but to show them that you're unsatisfied with this new and stupid change

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    May 28, 2020 7:27 pm

    Dude, i am trying to change language(choosing from default languages on eu west), want to change from english to franche(doing it in client), just cuz i moved in France and want as much French in my life as possible, but client just changes login screen and when i sign in the game its going back to english, just wtf, i really tried everything, and i dont want to reinstall cuz it takes a lot of time…

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