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I am a PL. I enjoy playing SoT b/c I have the craziest stories and encounters in this game. Plus, there’s no better game for hanging out with long-distance IRL friends. We talk, drink, and listen to music while we sail. Then, we get into our pirate shenanigans!

I play because I find it fun, not because it’s super rewarding to become a PL. As even Rare has acknowledged: becoming a PL currently does not feel very rewarding.

If Rare wants becoming a PL to feel more rewarding, PLs obviously need more than cosmetics. Yet, I also agree with Rare’s decision that PLs shouldn’t get rewarded with anything that makes them better at the game—like a better weapon.

Possible Solution:

What if the next “new region” on the map were open only to PLs?

(or ships with at least 1 PL crew member? thoughts?)

New content would be quite the reward for PL status!


  • PVP: It could be more fun and treacherous going into a region where all your PVP would be against ships with at least one PL on the crew—instead of easily sinking noobs who don’t even realize their ship has been hit.
  • PL Camaraderie: It could also be cool to meet other PLs who might have interesting insight into the game.


Of course, I think Rare made the right call by focusing first on adding to the SoT experience for everyone. A new region exclusive to PLs would not have been a good idea before. But, now, they might be able to do something like this.

Personally, I think there is enough general in-game content—not forever, obviously, but for the moment—that non-PLs should not be too upset if Rare were to create a region exclusive to PLs. Now that there is the Devil’s Roar, I actually have a difficult time deciding what to do when I start up. I want to do the skeleton ships, and PVP, and Devil’s Roar Athena’s, and just search around for the “Box of Wondrous Secrets.”

The game has gotten to the point where I won't need any major additional content for a bit. But that's exactly why exclusive access to a whole new region would actually feel like a really cool reward!

Originally, I wrote this as a comment here. Shout out to /u/ThatCamperGuyXbox. But, I decided to make it a separate post b/c I’d be really curious to hear more pirates’ thoughts. Pirates, I yield the helm to you!

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