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2 new melee weapon concepts

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - 2 new melee weapon concepts

The purpose of these melee weapons is to be different from a sword just enough to be considered comboable however you want. The same way the guns are different, these could be melee weapon equivalents to the guns.


The Boarding Axe

Primary Function: Normal swings (Like the sword) but swings for 6 times instead of 3

This allows the melee weapon to pressure and do different swing timings among these numerous 6 swings. This also goes well with the weapons lack of defenses.

Secondary Function: Instead of blocking, this is what goes straight into its lunge attack. It is 25% faster than the sword but does not lunge. But, the main function for this is how hitting a ship with this will latch you onto the ship and then bolster you upwards for you to fall into the ship.

The secondary function is an attack that breaks through guard for 50 dmg, but the main purpose is to board enemy ships without having to take the ladders, but the functionality of this can be difficult to implement, so I have another Secondary suggestion:

(Alternate) Secondary Function: Instead of blocking, this is what goes straight into its lunge attack. 25% SLOWER than the sword and does not lunge however. It can create a hole in the ship from the outside or the inside.

As simple as that. An easier alternate is that it can only break holes that have been repaired, so they cut down the planks.

Boarding Axe Summary

The boarding axe if done this way is the melee equivalent to the blunderbuss. If it catches opponents off guard, you can kill a pirate in those 6 swings. You can also pressure a pirate with it as well as Board (or make holes) on enemy ships. A very standard and simpleton version of the sword that has utility purposes that can make your day.

But it has no blocking or special functions. It is either the left click, or right click. No holding down attack, or the other. So it will force you to combine this weapon with something you feel would help it out as it may mostly be desirable for its utility.

Skeleton Intereaction

The 6 swings can be too good against skeletons in general, this can be ok, or we can say that the 3rd swing will push skeletons back like the regular sword. So for Boarding Axe users to take down skeletons easier, need to allign them against the wall for all 6 to hit.


The Foil

Primary Function: Does a stab that lunges you forward just a bit for 30 dmg. Does not have a wide hurt box and needs to be aimed properly to hit. If it misses, you will fall into a minor halt. If blocked, you bounce back immediately. If you hit, you get immediate reaction to do another attack or something else.

A melee attack that requires good aim to hit with, but rewards good damage. The single use of this attack can be desirable for players who sparingly go into melee and instead try to be distant.


Secondary Function: Sword dodge hop, and nothing else. But lets itself spam it a bit faster than what the sword can.

You heard me, all that pressing the block button does is make you do a sword dodge hop without a combination of blocking and jumping.

Charge attack: This weapon has a lunge attack in which the player is forced to stand still in both movement and aim. The lunge attack is 50% faster than the sword to come out but still needs to hit precisely. However, it still allows you to jump mid lunge for that extra range.

This breaks through guard for 50 dmg, but forces you to carefully predict to hit with this as precisely as possible. It is essentially a faster but limiting sword lunge attack, but with the properties of the primary function (Which is the need to aim it exactly).

Foil Summary

The foil is the more skill based weapon that rewards aim, sort of like the Eye of Reach.. Combining Secondary with its primary can yield for long ass pokes, as well as combining jumps and such with the lunge attack. The charge attack can probably also be devastating against unsuspecting pirates. Problem is you have to hit in the middle. This also combines well with guns or maybe other melee weapons if you are trying to be devastating in that way.


What this does for the Sword

The sword will be the middle man here, but what makes it stand out from the foil or the axe is its ability to Block. When the sword is up against a Foil or an Axe user, he will be at an advantage as the sword user can block Axe Attacks or Dodge Foil attacks.

Because the sword allows for blocking, the minor tricks that you can do with the sword (Such as holding block+1st-attack/charge to give yourself normal movement speed) will make it more advanced than the other two. The foil needs to use its jumps in combination with attacks, while the axe mostly wants to abuse the fact that it can lock someone with its swings while the sword already can do both and more.

What this does to the entire weapon selection

I feel like if these weapons would be added, you would have a lot more personalities in terms of Pirate v Pirate combat. You could have people that combine odd or appropriate combinations such as 2 melee or foil+EoR and more. You would have different strategies involving these weapons and what dangers they have in the moment of combat.

The main positive is that people would be more differing in their preferences. I personally would still use a sword+pistol combination, but others would prefer the axe because they dont use the sword in more ways than just slicing, and the foil simply looks nice and fancy and tactile enough for players who prefer it more. The sword is there to combat these melee weapons and be the standard to melee in general.

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