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40~ hour alliance, 2 galleys & 1 sloop. So much fun, tonnes of loot & many friends made. (+1 salty boi)

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - 40~ hour alliance, 2 galleys & 1 sloop. So much fun, tonnes of loot & many friends made. (+1 salty boi)

This weekend was the most fun we've had in this game, and I wanted to share with you guys a story of adventure, friendship, and teamwork shared by the crews of "Falcon", "Slippery Slut" and "Coming in Hot!" (we all named ourselves, it was easier to yell "falcon crew needs bailing" rather than "we need bailing").


Friday night me and my girlfriend logged in to our favorite game to grind out some voyages and skelly ships. Shortly after stocking up we ran into a galleon and had a nice little battle which led to the galleon joining our alliance.


Our alliance roamed the seas doing skull forts, skelly ships, and whatever else was fun. We were having an absolute blast with our new found friends grouping for skelly ships and splitting to do other things so it would not get to repetitive. The loot would be placed on whichever ship was closest at the time and then split evenly at an outpost where we would meet up from time to time.



At one point we attacked a poor solo newbie on a sloop that we mistook for the 4 PL's which we sunk probably 3-f times (they kept trying to sneak up on us when the ships were seperated/people were afk/etc.). Once we realized this sloop was not the 4 PLs, we quickly started repairing his boat and loading his ship with a decent pile of chests/skulls. He ended up joining our alliance and now we had a 3rd boat!



The efficiency of this alliance was something else… We had it down to a science finishing the entire event within 30-45 minutes.

One crew would drop a chest of sorrows on a skelly ship followed by exploding a keg on it which would signal all crews to concentrate on the second skelly ship. We would sandwitch it, bail water on it, board to steal treasure, prevent repairs, etc.

These ships were sinking in record time and we were getting ALL of the loot of of them, we were even loading up on supplies to refill ships with.



The honesty and teamwork of the random crews we found on the XBOX LFG really took us by surprise! We cycled many different crews using the xbox LFG for the 40~ hours that we held the alliance, we had a big list of people in line ready to take any spot that was opened up.


Some of the same people from the previous night joined as soon as they woke up, eating breakfast while they played! =)


About 25~ new people added to our friends lists that we never met before!



Towards the end, we voted to do one more skelly ship battle and then drop out of the server, the lag was getting pretty damn bad at this point and we were seeing skelly ships with our eyes closed… lol.


One of the galleons needed another member since someone dropped, so we did another LFG on xbox. Our description for the two days basically said the same thing: "Adults only, new players welcome, mic required, team work is a must!, 3x alliance crew grinding skelly ships. If slurs are in your vocabulary, move on to the next posting please."

  A message from someone saying they are a PL and would love to join us came in, so we let them.

We made sure he knew about how we were splitting the loot & not to touch the chest of sorrows, he was totally on board with everything and genuinely seemed like a nice person so we invited him to game.



A skull fort popped while we were otw to the skelly ships and we decided to detour to it to get more loot/kegs, after finishing the fort I told the alliance that we'll go sell before the skelly ships. I felt something was "off" with this new guy that joined, he got a little annoyed when he found out that none of us was a PL for some reason, started slacking, shooting people on the other alliance and saying he didn't shoot anyone, etc. I was right. As soon as we were all distracted trying to split the loot, a message pops up "Chest of sorrows sold"…. "well… shit". Then we hear the explosions, followed by sinking ships.

  We all just shrugged, and the other boat brigged the PL, who then went on with talking smack until finally he logged out. Sure some people were annoyed, but we basically said "Look, 40~ hours of random crews from the LFG and we get 1 bad egg. Just one. We had the most fun we've ever had and made so many new friends. This was totally worth it."





40 hour alliance, mass amounts of loot and new friends made, many crews cycled through LFG. Salty boy tried to ruin it by derailing everything, sinking 3 fully stocked ships, and screwing up the split of loot. Didn't matter, would invite randoms again 10/10 and have a freaking blast.

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