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8 things to do to mess with your pirate buddies

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I love to mess with my fellow pirate friends during our journeys around the seas. I think I've come up with several things which are worth a hearty chuckle.

  1. Call out finds that don't exist referencing things that are not real treasure. Sometimes when I am on a shipwreck and there's nothing on it I'll say "What's this!? A Bag of diamonds!? I've never seen this before!" A bag of diamonds has become synonymous with 'nothing'
  2. Call out shipwrecks on islands where they are a part of the scenery. "There's a shipwreck!" "Where!?" "On Shipbreaker Bay!" Groans every time.
  3. When you are turning in your gunpowder barrels in at the end of the voyage, shoot the last one as your friend tries to drop it off. Preferably use the eye of reach for this for maximum comedic effect. Worth all 150 gold pieces.
  4. Play by the rule of credit goes to the person who grabs it. We've had a lot of fun with this one. Someone follows the clues, digs up the chest, and fights off the skeletons? If you can sweep in and pick it up it counts as your find. Make sure everyone acknowledges this.
  5. If everyone is on the ship but 1 pirate and they're not carrying any treasure, sail away without them. Typically this is done with a confirmation. "Did you find any treasure?" "No…" "Well then ye can swim back!"
  6. Refuse to surface on blank shipwrecks. At least you'll have full bananas when you spawn back on the ship. This is to express maximum saltiness.
  7. Chickens make the most annoying sound effects in the game. Always make sure to place one as close to the helm as you possibly can within eyesight of the helmsman at all times. If someone moves it move it back. "This is where I keep me chickens!"
  8. When standing behind someone else on your ship, fire a gunshot and swear it wasn't you. If the pirate is not terribly skilled they will panic and confused it for unseen cannon fire.

Not an exhaustive list, just things I like to do that make my friends laugh and pass the time when we're in a glorious headwind. Post your own high seas japes!


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