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A bad experience

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Yesterday I played with my friend on a sloop and we tried to complete an Athena voyage in Devils Roar. We arrived at the first island (which was Fetchers Rest) and tried to do our job there. Everything was fine and the volcano was sleeping at that time but after a few minutes my friend noticed a Galleon which was coming towards us. We said "Okay, let's finish the riddle and sail to the next island so they have the island for themselves". We finished the quest and the ship was ready when we noticed that the Galleon was still coming towards us. Not the island. Good, we thought, let's leave this island. But no. They were after us. They shot cannonballs but missed our sloop several times. I boarded their ship and noticed we were speaking the same language. The moment they noticed this too (after I spoke to them and asking them why they follow us) they started to insult us. I killed two of them and was killed by the third person and my friend was sailing to Ruby's Fall which was our next destination. But they kept following us. This is the game and there is no problem with that, I know. But they were insulting us every time they were able to. They said we were noobs, stupid, Kevin's and we can't play the game. My friend boarded them 5 or 6 times with an explosive barrel and killed them several times but they were still after us and talking shit about us. One time they came on board of my ship and killed me while shouting at me that I'm not even able to defend my ship. Now you know which kind of human being those players were. All of it ended at Morrows Peak when my friend tried to sell our chests. They parked their ship besides our ship and started shooting. I used only one cursed cannonball (the sleepy one) to stop them but I was killed a second after that. My friend killed the rest of them while they were sleeping so I had the chance to talk to them on the ferry of the damned. I asked them why they do this and whether they have nothing better to do. The answer was kind of shocking for me. He said "Why? Griefing is awesome. That's the game. If you don't understand this, you are stupid!" and went to the door to respawn. That made me speechless and angry at the same time. I raised the sails, raised the anchor and turned the ship so I would be able to shoot them. My friend was fighting them on their ship the whole time. I picked every cursed cannonball we had and began to shoot. 2 minutes later their Galleon was sinking. To be clear: they attacked us – a sloop – for about an hour and lost to a sloop at the end while insulting us the whole time. What is wrong with those people? Why do they have to ruin the game for someone? I know It's a pirate game but even pirates won't insult each other the whole time. Or would they?


Of course I'm not innocent because in my anger I insulted them too – saying they were stupid and wasting their time.

TL:DR Griefers attacked us for an hour while insulting us every time they were able to.

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