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A couple changes I would like to see in SoT.

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I've put a good amount of time into SoT with my friends and we discussed the following implementations that would improve the gameplay. Some of these we feel should be mandatory, while others fall more along the lines of "would be nice." I have tried to only include items that would work well with the current engine and wouldn't be too difficult to implement in regards to current and planned mechanics.


  • Chest of Sorrows and Chest of a Thousand Grogs needs to have their values increased to at least ~3,000 gold. Golden animals are worth more than these extremely rare chests and that's a poor design choice as golden animals are everywhere.
  • Pigs need a greater value than chickens. The feeding mechanic is not fun and not worth the effort. Either remove this mechanic or make pigs more valuable. We ignore pigs altogether for efficiency purposes.
  • Snakes need a greater value than chickens. See above.
  • Gold skeletons should award gold on death. While being a very neat enemy, dealing with them is a pain and devoid of fun. You have to lure them (very slowly) to your boat, or keep returning for ammo, or keep throwing yourself at them while dying repeatedly until they are dead.
  • Consumables to spend gold on. We all have an excessive amount of extra gold with nothing to spend it on. After obtaining our favorite cosmetics, we're just collecting gold. The ability to buy say, a crate full of cannonballs or bananas from the merchant would be tremendously helpful. We spend about 15 minutes just looting the outpost before first sailing off to make sure we have enough materials for our shenanigans.

Would be nice

  • Thick fog around some areas, just to add some extra flavor. You could implement it with future content, like fog signifies a ghost ship has spawned in that area.
  • Chest of Four Winds: A rare chest to accompany the Chest of Sorrows and Chest of a Thousand Grogs. This chest, when held, will gradually shift the wind direction to whatever direction the player is facing. This may only apply to your ship, as it may be possible to have multiple CoFW on the same server in use.
  • Bounties: Whenever a crew sinks another ship, each player on that crew gains a bounty, or their existing bounty increases. Upon sinking their ship, the ship will drop a bounty that you can turn in for the sum of each crew member's bounty. Mechanics for this one could go many different ways and the above seemed to be the simplest implementation. Ships with bounties could show up on the map.
  • Cursed Cannonballs: Holes made with these take twice as long to repair. These cannonballs would be mob drops, allowing you to resupply what cannonballs you may be using during OoS voyages. These cannonballs could instead spawn skeletons on the enemy ship upon impact (not sure if this would be feasible to implement).
  • Boat activities: Maybe implement card games, five finger filet, tic-tac-toe, more things to due on long journeys.
  • Merchant NPC ships: You could sell your goods to these rare spawns, or attack them and acquire a bounty.
  • Alternate forms of food: We need chicken legs, pork chops, and fish sticks. These three new forms of food will still only occupy the one space in your tool-wheel so it doesn't clutter your UI. Introduce a stove on the ship you can interact with where we can cook pigs and chickens to get food. Assigning a buddy to be the cook would be neat. To get fish sticks, let them spawn upon killing sharks, and/or introduce a fishing pole.

EDIT: * Push-to-talk for console. Being able to hear in-game players while also in a party.

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