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A couple small changes that would drastically improve QoL in SoT.

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None of these suggested changes would be insanely hard to implement, and could easily be included in the next few minor updates. These are just my ideas, and I’d love to hear your feedback on my ideas as well as your own suggestions.

Move the ammo box away from the armory: The amount of times I’ve accidentally clicked on the armory when I’m staring dead at the ammo box is getting annoying, fast. I did get this idea from another post, by /u/Lymonator, so kudos to them.

Let the armory reload your ammo: if, for some reason the above change is hard to do, this change would completely negate it. Having the armory reload your weapon makes sense too, and it feels odd when it doesn’t reload your BB ammo just seems jarring every time I (accidentally) use it.

Move the bell away from the ladder: this change hasn’t been terribly annoying for me, but I’ll include it bc /u/Lymonator included it too and that got a lot of support.

Let other players (or at least other crew members) unload your cannons: Oftentimes I’ll be playing on a galleon, will want to use the cannon to quickly reach an island, only to find out that my teammate (already on the island via swimming) was the one to load it, so I can’t unload it. I either have to waste a cannonball, or swim. Additionally, it’d be interesting if people could jump on your ship, and unload your enemies’ cannons.


Allow color customization of the flag and hair: I don’t care if we would have to buy the colors (in game of course), but I’m kind of tired of waving the french flag everywhere I go in an otherwise daunting galleon. Along with this, hair color (and in general the pirate itself) should be more customizable, in a game where cosmetics are the only endgame (not a bad thing!!).

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Stop Gunpowder Barrels (and all items) from being dropped on ladders: This is probably the hardest change to make. Whenever I sail on a galleon, we always store the gunpowder barrels at the top of the crows nest, so that saboteurs can’t blow up our ship w/o climbing all the way up there. Whenever I unload them, though, I’ll sometimes be too close, and accidentally unload some onto the rungs of the ladder, and making them inaccessible. Not game breaking, but quite annoying.

Overall, I’ve fallen in love with SoT. It’s fun to play with a crew, and still engaging without. The sailing is realistic in nature, while maintaining a happy, fun loving art style. The game doesn’t baby you or punish you; it allows other players to do that for you. Between crewmates, teamwork is necessary, and it feels amazing to simultaneously tack the sails in unison. When solo, you feel competent for manning a ship all by yourself. There’s just such a good balance between freedom and guidance, without any overcomplications of any mechanics. You wanna stop? Anchor. Go? Drop sails. Navigate? Compass. Everything is so simple yet so cohesive into the best pirate sim I’ve laid an eyepatch on so far.

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