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A genuine message of thanks to the honorable pirate Th3Vaik

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My mate and I was cruising with our Brigatine, struggling with a stronghold. After fighting off another Brigatine and retreating for supplies after almost sinking, we went back for another round.

To our surprise, we suddenly saw someone typing in the proximity chat. A lonesome pirate on a small rowboat, without any ship accompanying him. He told us he came in peace and wanted in on the action. After explaining his situation of his randomly match-made crew sinking their ship, leaving him behind alone in the rowboat, we said "OK" and started clearing the Stronghold, doing our best in protecting him so that he wouldn't end up far away on an unknown island.

The Stronghold was conquered, and we stood victorious. We asked him politely if he wanted in on the loot, he said humbly no. He did, however, offer to help us gather the loot, transport it to our ship in another rowboat sitting idle in the bay of the island. We agreed. We got the loot on board, and started sailing to the closest outpost.

While scouting around we did not see a single ship. Although Th3Vaik seemed pretty honest and friendly, we trod carefully still, as we remembered we were all pirates by heart.

When we got into the bay of the lovely Sanctuary Outpost, our lonesome fellow dropped down our rowboat and started rowing to land, ensuring us that he was just getting us as close as possible. We still had our doubts, and kept a good eye on him.


When we had all settled into land, and all our loot was lying there, we almost got a heart attack as he ran with the stronghold chest straight to the Gold Hoarder's tent. To our surprise and relief, he exclaimed "I'm just moving the loot to the places you need to turn them in to save you some time", and ran back to pick up more and continue doing exactly that. We turned in everything, ensuring he didn't want any loot before we did, which he humbly declined.

At the end of our short-lived, but action-packed journey, he wanted to have a bit more fun before heading off, and asked to duel. I politely accepted his proposal, and unsheathed my sword.

He won.

He then wanted to try my mate's skills as well, and swept the floor with my mate's drunken face.

When I unveiled my plans of leaving the session after the stronghold victory, he asked for one final duel. I obviously accepted.

After some back and forth action, I ended up winning that duel.

The last words he said was "nice one", and the sea took him from us. Emptiness filled my heart when I realized he wouldn't respawn on our ship, and I felt kind of sorry for him, and myself.

That's the end of my story meeting this humble, honest and kind-hearted pirate. I don't know if no one cares, I don't know if he'll ever see this, but I felt that this little short-story had to be told, so that I won't forget this absolutely lovely moment in my favourite sea-faring game.

Th3Vaik, if you ever see this, thanks for the awesome help, and the even more awesome, but sadly anti-climatic final duel.


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