Sea of Thieves

A journey with a 70,000 (150 Item) haul and new friends!

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - A journey with a 70,000 (150 Item) haul and new friends!

So i started out last night as any other, jumping onto Sea of Thieves and finding a galleon crew to join through Xbox's "Looking for group" feature. Tre23 made a post about doing gold hoarders. He already had one person with him named DamnnnGirlll. I joined in with another player, Camaeze96, we joked about Damngirl's name, and we all collected supplies together. After we started a voyage and got a couple captain's chests and marauder's, we decided that since we were all going to be on for awhile we'd try hoarding for once! An island or so later a fort appeared! We didn't sell and headed straight for it. We completed it easily with no opposition and gained our first stronghold chest and skulls. We all were having such a great time and playing for only 30 minutes turned into hours of sailing. We ended up completing two forts total and over a dozen shipwrecks before Karen decided to wreak some havoc. We escaped with ease but joked about how bad it could've been if it was the Meg. We then continued on our voyage. Sometime along the way after escaping a Pirate Legend, our helmsman DamnnnGurlll spotted a Megalodon circling us and thinking it'd be passive didn't shoot. It then proceeded to charge us and bit our arses before disappearing into the depths forever. After that we sailed around more, doing more voyages and shipwrecks, and got lucky island maps that had 8 chests on each. We even sank some sloops and did message in a bottle's along the way. We did everything tonight, and this was the best team of randoms someone could ever ask for. The only thing that stopped us from another skullfort was that it was 5 in the morning! We
started sailed toward an outpost when a galleon started a chase. I jumped overboard the first time and was instantly shot off when climbing their ladder. I used my mermaid and jumped off again, this time boarding and anchoring them. I killed a few and ran to their top deck to see Meg circling them. I shot it, heard the music queue, then let myself be killed, with them left to being attacked. When we got to the outpost safe and in the clear, we hadn't realized we played for 7 hours together. In total we made over 70k from one sell, and we couldn't of done it without our 3 extra ship mates, one being there from the very first skull fort. Captain Cluckers, Commodore Co*k, and Lafawnda, you will be missed. And thank you guys for being awesome, helping each other out, and being all around funny and nice people. I hope to play together again soon mateys!


My gamertag not shown: Dkj3269 / Mercenary of the Ancient Order

Total number of loot items- 150 to be exact! (Not planned whatsoever either)

  • Stronghold Chests: 2
  • Chest of sorrows: 2
  • Chest of 1000 grogs: 2
  • Captain's Chests: 23
  • Marauder's Chests: 31
  • Seafarer's Chests: 19
  • Castaway Chests: 3

  • Stronghold Skulls: 2

  • Villainous Skulls: 2

  • Hateful Skulls: 5

  • Disgraced Skulls: 12

  • Foul Skulls: 2

  • Exquisite Spices: 2

  • Exotic Silks: 6

  • Rare Teas: 5

  • Crate of Bananas: 1

  • Gold Chickens: 2

  • Black Chicken: 1

  • Gunpowder Barrels: 20 (Not in picture for obvious reasons)

  • Opulent Curio: 1

  • Peculiar Relic: 1

  • Ornate Carafe: 1

  • Bronze Keepers: 2

  • Decorative Coffer: 1

  • Silvered Cup: 1

  • Ancient Goblet: 1

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