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A Legendary Idea

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Right now a lot of pirate legends are bored. Simply put Athena quests are boring and there is no motivation besides cosmetics to become a legend. Its so bad me and a few other pirates stopped buying levels to slow our progress. In addition some legends with nothing to do are going around and griefing open crews. I suggest a complete overhaul of the Athena Quests, Athena Campaigns.

These Campaigns would work like a giant riddle (stick with me). After doing part of the Athena quest eg Digging up all chests, Killing all skellies, turning in all merch loot the next part of the riddle unlocks.

Each step of the riddle gives a hint to where the final Athena chest will be. First it gives a region like the Ancient Isles, then it gives an island, and finally it tells you how to get the chest.

Now this is where it gets intresting. Instead of digging up a chest legends would have to complete a challenge to get the chest. Here is all the examples I could think up:

  1. Go to a certain location on the map where the krakken will spawn, upon defeating the krakken, the chest floats up from the water

  2. Go to a specific spot on the map where two skeleton ships will spawn, one with the Athena chest onboard

  3. Go back to T26 and play Merrick's shanty to summon another powerful megalodon.

  4. Upon finishing the riddle, a new fort spawns (even if one is already up). Inside the fort door is the Athena Chest.

  5. Going to Marauder's Arch (or another island) and sit on the throne to spawn the chest

  6. Go to a specific small island, destroy a Red (or a new legendary type?) Mermaid that holds the chest on the beach.

  7. Normal riddle that directs you dig up a chest in a specific cave (perhaps a new cave only legends can access?). Upon the legend crew entering the cave 10 gunpowder skelly's spawn.

  8. Perhaps now that alliances are a thing, some campaigns would require multiple crews but the chest would be worth more. Obviously, this would have to be told to the player before they buy the quest so they could chose if they are willing to take the risk.

  9. Shortly after new campaigns and Bilge rat events are added new legendary campaigns for them are added.



Obviously all of these challenges would take much longer then digging up a chest. To accommodate longer challenges, like taking a skull fort or fighting a megalodon they would have much shorter riddle quests. Long challenges would require you to kill less captains, dig up less chests and turn in less animals, giving legends more time to spend on the challenge. Similarly, the easer and shorter challenges would have longer riddle quests.


Chests, challenges and monsters could ONLY be spawned in once all the other quests and riddle steps are complete. That way legends doing the same campaign over again couldn't skip the first part of the Athena Campaign. In addition once the riddle is complete the Challenges wont spawn/start until the legend crew gets there, that way other pirates can't complete the challenge before the legend crew even get there.

Getting the quest

The Legend Campaigns would work as any other voyage. Upon placing it down a random campaign is chosen. Legends could look at the first part of the riddle to see if they have done it before and want to cancel.

TL;DR Make parts of Campaigns and events into Athena Quests

What do you guys think?

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