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A list of bugs that aren’t in the ‘known issues’ section of the patch notes, but should be (plus how to replicate).

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - A list of bugs that aren't in the 'known issues' section of the patch notes, but should be (plus how to replicate).

10 bugs that I've experienced recently. While some may possibly have been fixed in today's patch, I'm certain that numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 10 have happened to me today since the patch.

I should add that it is possible that 3 and 5 are intentional/not bugs.

Let me know about any I've missed. Thanks!

1. Upon respawning, a player sometimes looks like a green glowing skeleton.

I'm not quite clear what causes this. I've seen people suggest it happens when you're killed by a skeleton, but today it happened to my friend after he was killed by a shark.

2. There are certain places you can get stuck where you do not teleport back to the ship, but you cannot move.

Sometimes myself and members of my crew get stuck between rocks/bushes and cannot get out, often we cannot even jump. The only way to escape is to get your teammates to brig you, leave and rejoin the game or (as some have suggested) drink a mug of grog; the latter sometimes moves you enough to get you out of the area.

3. When you grab the top of the ladder, you go down before climbing up the ladder.

When you grab onto the top of any ladder in the game, you will go down the ladder a bit before you can climb up. This only applies when you grab right at the top.

4. Sometimes you will spawn, when you join the game, in the brig.

This appear to happen when you get the 'Lazybeard' Error when joining a game (when I definitely haven't been afk for 10 minutes…). Upon attempting to rejoin, you will spawn in the brig. This happens on sloops as well, meaning it is possible to spawn in the sloop's brig (as a bonus bug, players in the sloop's brig can pick up items placed just outside the brig such as skulls! – don't worry, they can then be passed back. Idk if this happens with a galleon.)

5. Guns should reload on the click, but they do not.


Sniper (Eye of Reach) is especially bad with this, but this also applies to the other two guns. Even if you hear the click, you will often have to wait. This is especially annoying when you hear the 'click' and switch to the other weapon, only to switch back and find the reload has in fact not happened.

6. Feeding a caged pig is not possible from some angles.

Feeding a caged pig is not possible from some angles, even when the notification prompting you to do so pops up. Afaik, this has been in the game since launch. If you stand in a place where the feed prompt but not the pick up cage prompt is visible, then you will not be able to feed the pig.

7. Crying noise from pigs sometimes doesn't happen when pigs are hungry.

Happens on occasion. Sometimes part of my crew can hear the crying and another part can't, sometimes neither of us can (and sometimes we all can hear it as it should be).

8. Sometimes spawn without any weapons, or anything in inventory.

Self explanatory, I'm sure a lot of people have had this. Have only had this happen in open crew to me, but maybe happens in closed crew too. Can be fixed by dying.

9. Sometimes cannot jump.

I'm not sure what causes this. This is fairly rare, but sometimes in the middle of a game (not just after joining/respawn) I will be unable to jump. It looks like I'm doing a minijump then glitching back to the ground. I asked a friend what it looked like and he couldn't even see anything (he thought I was standing still as I did a 'minijump'). Can be fixed by dying.

10. Skeletons sometimes 'freeze' and don't attack.

I've only noticed this on Oos missions. On occasion, skeletons will freeze and not attack even when you attack them. Often they will be facing away from you when this happens.

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