Sea of Thieves

A Most Unfortunate Series of Gilded Questing Events

Sea of Thieves 1 - A Most Unfortunate Series of Gilded Questing Events

TL;DR: Gilded Merchant Alliance Voyage Gone Wrong, So, So Terribly Wrong (how can we possibly be this unlucky?)

After a 4 month break from Sea of Thieves due to each of us going off to university, my merry band of pirates finally had the chance to meet up again and sail the seas. We were met with the option to take on gilded voyages, along with the prospect of exploring an entirely new area, so we decided to begin with the gilded voyages. Of the four of us, three of us took our voyages of choice off the bat: 2 gilded voyages with the Order of Souls, 1 with the Merchant Alliance, and our fourth opted not to grab his yet. We began with the Merchant voyage to get it out of the way, and after voting on the voyage, set sail to gather some crates.

We thought when it said to collect 50 crates from Willow, it meant to go out in the world and collect 50 random crates (snake baskets, pig crates, chicken coops, banana crates, cannonball crates, anything of the sort) to later return to Willow at the end. After 4 islands of nearly fruitless crate collecting (we had I think 4 by then) and a Pirate Legend crew after us (None of us are over rep 30 with any of the quest givers), we decided to make a beeline for Galleon's Grave Outpost and see what the quest really was about. When we got there, we discovered that *apparently* Willow was just the gunsmith at the top of the hill, and our crate collecting was a fruitless venture, we poor fools. I, in a mad and confused rush, began taking all the crates from Willow and laying them out on the floor in front of us. It was quite a mad spectacle by the end, seeing so many crates just lying around, and by then the legend crew had sunk our ship and killed most of us off.

Sad over our utter failure to even follow the instructions of the quest (to be fair none of us really understood it after even the second read over), we took off from the Wilds and headed for Shores of Plenty where the seas just felt more welcoming at the moment. Upon our arrival we talked it out and found our fourth pirate hadn't even taken his gilded quest yet, so we decided to try again on the quest with the real knowledge of how to proceed before us. We had confidence we could figure this out, as we tested the bottles and found they could break, tested the clothing and found it could become too wet, and noticed the plants drying up as we carried all the cargo onboard.


We proceeded to take all 50 of the cargo items onboard to deliver, thinking that if we left them at the outpost, the timers would just go off and we'd be out of luck. This proved to be our ultimate undoing. As we sailed from the shores of plenty back to Dagger Tooth Outpost in the Wilds where our final destination for the quest lay, we were suddenly assaulted by the rush of a storm, and to our dismay the clothes lay out in the rain. We rushed them all below deck and into the Captain's Quarters where hopefully they could be dried out later somehow (lanterns maybe, we didn't think of it at the time), but in the midst of this I noticed an irregularity in our course. Beyond the usual lack of control that comes with a storm, we had slowed down, and peering over the edges I noticed the water was blacker than usual even for a Wilds storm…

Lo and behold, the Kraken in all its devastating (and extremely poorly timed) might rose from the waters and plucked us each from the ship, sinking us with ease. We had spent nearly 4 hours of our time in set up for this final cargo quest, just to be absolutely annihilated by the worst wombo combo I've ever seen in the Sea of Thieves. Not to mention the fact none of us had ever even encountered the Kraken before this. Like, c'mon big guy, can we just have a chance?

Anyway, there went two of our gilded quests before we'd even really started them. Our morale plummeted and our group quickly fell apart after that, but it was late anyways. What can you do? Really though, how awful can our luck be? I tell them every time we board that galleon that we're cursed pirates. Nothing ever seems to go our way, but such is life in the Sea of Thieves.

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