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A New Idea for Treasure.

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Not sure if this idea has already been thought of so please let me know if it has been. What if there was a way for you to create your own treasure, treasure map, and have to fight to keep it away from others?

For instance, say you had a chest, skull, or something else that you wanted to keep. You could bury it on an island, and then create a treasure map to make sure you can find it again. You could create the map by performing the activities that you'd normally do when locating treasure. Those activities would then appear on a blank sheet of paper until it is full. Then you'd get to keep the map on your person or somewhere safe on your ship.

However this map could be stolen by other pirates whenever they kill you or raid your ship. They could then use the map in order to locate your buried treasure. It is your job to defend it at all costs while enjoying other aspects of the game. If the map does get stolen, you can either hunt down the ship that has it, or try to go straight back to where your treasure it buried and retrieve it before the other pirates locate it.


Now what would be the point of burying your treasure as opposed to selling it? Well it could increase in value as your playing time increases. The more time you keep the treasure safe, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Once it reaches it a certain level that you'd trade it in for, you can go back to it, dig it up, and then sell it.

This gives players an opportunity to change an annoying, not-really-worth-the-time castaway's chest into something better, adds another layer of challenge and risk to PvP fights, and makes that victory over other pirates that much more enjoyable.

Let me know what you guys think!


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