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A New Method of PvPing (aka Pirating) that I’ve been trying out seems to not only be more profitable, but even leaves all involved happy.

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - A New Method of PvPing (aka Pirating) that I’ve been trying out seems to not only be more profitable, but even leaves all involved happy.

Usually the only thing I do is sail around sinking (or trying to sink) anyone I see. I don’t care much about gold or leveling, but I love the PvP. Recently I’ve been giving some other methods of pirating a try. Instead of sinking people on sight I’ve started attempting to basically pull them over and give them an ultimatum. They can choose to either take their chances at a full on ship battle, risking losing not only all their treasure but also the supplies they spent time gathering. Or they can take the offer and fight me pirate on pirate (or pirates, I’m pretty comfortable with my PVP skills and enjoy a challenge so I extend the challenge to the entire crew.). If I win I promise to only take a set amount of supplies or piece of loot from their ship and they have to form an alliance so I get a portion of the gold and rep for anything they turn in (and also so I can make sure not to repeatedly bother the same crew) and then I’ll sail away leaving them to do what they please. This way has actually been pretty effective for making gold and leveling, more-so than quests or even just straight up sinking anything that moves.


This has even had the extra benefit of meeting some cool people to play with. After winning a duel against a crew of two yesterday they were happy and surprised when they spawned back to find that despite them having a ship loaded with loot all I had taken were their cursed cannonballs. As a thank you for keeping my word they even gave me the rest of the CC’s they had hidden in their inventories and asked if I’d help them out if this crew that has been griefing them showed up again. I agreed and told them that if they need any help just throw up their reapers flag and I’ll come as soon as I see it on the map. Not long after I saw the signal and wound up turning the tables on an especially nasty group on that brig that had been griefing them. After a bunch of trash talking as they were sinking I told them if they want to find me to make good on all those threats they had been hurling I’d have my reapers flag up so they would know where to find me. We fought around 5 times before they quit, all the while that crew that I had dueled earlier gathered an impressive amount of loot. So in the end I got not only exactly what I wanted which was some fun PvP, but also wound up getting a surprising amount of gold and levels from the stuff my alliance turned in.

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By playing this way I get what I want which is PvP, but without ruining someone someone else’s time. I know some people spend hours on voyages and really care about gold and leveling and even feel like their time was wasted unless they complete the voyage. I may think that is a boring way to play, but I also don’t take any pleasure in ruining someones game. So far, whenever a crew took the offer everyone left happy with what they wanted. I got to have my fun pirate battle, and they get to keep most of their loot and supplies. Now if they don’t respond or shoot first all bets are off, but at least I can say I tried lol.

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