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A New Perspective on Griefing/Toxicity

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Allow me to offer some comfort to those frustrated by others’ actions when you are attacked by an enemy ship. This thread is full of accusations of player griefing, stealing treasure, and toxicity. Many conflicting views are shared on whether this is intended to be a PvP or PvE experience.

I choose to mentally treat enemy ships in a unique way. In my view, they are a part of the game just like the AI skeletons or the kraken. In many video game journeys, you encounter developer preprogrammed AI and you choose to interact with it based on your own ambitions. For example, you might choose to jump over the enemy, you might kick a shell at it, or maybe you unintentionally run into it and have to try again. Your actions in the game are dictated by the satisfaction you get from playing the video game.


Behold the beauty of Sea of Thieves where I choose to treat enemy ships like a boss fight – one where the enemy is not governed by an AI, but controlled by a real human who is unpredictable and is saturated with their own values regarding what satisfies them in the game. Sometimes I evade, sometimes I defend, and sometimes I am the aggressor.

This game is truly amazing because of the satisfaction of being able to outsmart another player. Outsmarting an AI can never achieve this level of satisfaction. I have sunk (pun intended) uncountable hours into this game and I have just realized why. It’s because I can never fully predict what an enemy will do. What I can control, however, are my own actions. If you are ever to enjoy this game, you have to regard the other players in this shared world as a valid part of the world. And, as in all video game, sometimes you get the princess and sometimes it’s game over.

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But you must play on.

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