Sea of Thieves

A night of little profit, but high octane.

Sea of Thieves 7 - A night of little profit, but high octane.

So I've never really written up any of the events that have happened to me in this game, but I felt tonight was different, so here goes. To preface, I never play with "real" randoms, rather I always join a group on either of the SoT discords due to how smooth it makes playing mostly every time.

So this time I start a crew, some people join, and we're off. We all want to do some rep farming, and so after chasing a sloop or two around we hit a fort and clear it real quick, and cash in. Good start to the night! After cashing in, we rob another sloop of it's resources, and we decide to head across the map for the Skeleton Fleet, since no forts are popping up. After a slight Megalodon detour that didn't pan out (it left), we continue on to where a single Sloop is locked in combat with one of the Skeleton Ships. So being the good pirates we are, we intervene, just as another Galleon is coming in to the fight.

This is what we expected though, but things get a little more hairy when a red Meglalodon decides to pop in. So the tally is now our Galleon, enemy Galleon, two Skeleton Ships, one Sloop, and a Megalodon.


What followed was a brawl that was 70% fighting back the water and the holes to keep our ship afloat, and 10% actual fighting, but somehow we made it through enemy Galleon's double kegs, the Skeleton ship's sleep-ball spam, and being rammed over and over. We sunk the sloop, then first Skeleton Ship, then the Galleon. Then, the last Skeleton Ship, and finally the Megalodon. Somewhere before the Meg died, we were fighting to try and keep the ship going as we searched frantically for loot in the water, and managed to save a tiny portion of it, before the last Skeleton Ship of the fleet, and two more enemy Sloops rushed in to try and haul off our loot.

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I don't think I've ever bailed water harder, or had more going on around my boat than this fight, but in the end both Sloops were sunk and finally the Skeleton Ship destroyed (despite Sleep Balls nearly sinking us a few times). However, in the end, the loot (including 4 Skeleton Captain Chests) was mostly lost, and we managed to salvage a fraction of it; An ancient bone dust, some skulls, some merchant crates.

But as we sailed back to the outpost we got to laugh at the fact that at least the entire server knew we were the baddest kids on the block. So thanks to those cool people, you guys were one hardy crew.

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