Sea of Thieves

A pirate tale from yesterday – 1

Sea of Thieves 3 - A pirate tale from yesterday - 1

We sailed out in midst of afternoon looking to improve our relations with local traders. What they requested was quite odd – all possible colors of chickens, some snakes and few explosive barrels from black market. It took us days to gather the goods, to defend ourselves from undead (both on land and in water). Took us another few days to final delivery address, but we finallymade it. Just as we were approaching the docks, a mighty kraken jumped our boat, but our cutlasses were too fierce for it, obviously we had to use some gunpowder too, but it was mostly a plank and bucket job. The moment kraken sank to his doom a skeleton ship spawned and shoot us for good. He killed our crew it seemed like hours, but we managed to get back and planks saved our animals. The sound of skelly ship rang there again, we got confused ! 2? At once? That didnt seem fair. But then we looked around and what we saw was even worse than we imagined. A galleon.. Galleon full of fiercy pirates. Secojd skeleton ship wasnt for us, it was for them, but now we had 3 ships shooting at us. Oh wait.. 2 ships, galleon was trying to defeat skeletons aswell. Hours that seemed to feel like months later we ran out of wood. There was no hope and we were so close to the outpost.. There was only one thing to do with our sinking boat. Jump into galleon and ask to join the alliance, give us some planks, anything. Alliance request was refused. But they didnt mind us helping them defeat the undeads. It wouldve been easy, but we were in middle of the storm and.. 2 ships! As soon as first one sank, me and my crewmate were discussing what to do. Sink their galleon with massive supply of gunpowder barrels that they have? No… That would be rude, they just saved our chickens. And thats when the magic happened. I run to captains cabin, get all of their loot, throw it into rowboat, row to the outpost, sell everything.. While my crewmate is chatting them up on their own ship. Soon they realised that I was missing. Soon they killed my crewmate. But it was too late. All they found was a dancing piraten on a dock shouting "thank you"

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