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A Reddit worthy tale

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I dont usually play with random players. Ends up with either annoying people or silent walls. So when I booted up the Sea of Thieves I went ahead and solo slooped to get done with some commendations. I am already level 50 in OoS so I decided the best way to get dubloons was to just use cursed cannonballs on them on the shore. (Like I said I waa already level 50 so this was very boring and difficult) I died many times and I arrived at the ferry maybe the 3rd time to a golden sniper skeleton when I heard…

"EERAHAHAH Stop killing me!!"

It was a young british kid who was getting upset. I have a soft spot for younger gamers because I grew up being the player 2 in my house. I asked him "Hey is something wrong?"

He started to talk until he realized that I wasn't in his crew so he kept quite. The door ringed and I was back in the land of the living until whoopsies I get gangbanged by shadow snipera and flintlocks. At the ferry again I wait for the door to ring when I hear this kid again. I asked him what was wrong. He told me someone was killing him over and over. I being the kind gentlepirate I am asked him if he needed help. He obviously was jumping with joy. He told my the location and I set sail


I arrive south of Plunder Outpost and a galleon is sitting the water and has its sales raised. I see them running so I whip out a Anchor-ball and shoot it out the cannon, and the ship is stopped in its tracks. I circle it, cursing it and blasting them to bits. After they sank I hear someone climbing my ship!!! I run over to the side and guns-a-blazin aim and… Don't fire. the young kid from earlier had been hanging on the entire fight. He climbed aboard very happy and I could hear his excitement.

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To sum it up. When a young player is in your game. Don't patronize him. Make him feel welcome, the last thing we want is him feeling less of a person while playing or feeling he doesn't fit in. Help him learn and teach him from his mistakes. This isnt just for SoT but every day life. I hope you enjoyed the tale.

  • Cap'n Carlos Dunne

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