Sea of Thieves

A sad tale of epic proportions…

Sea of Thieves 1 - A sad tale of epic proportions...

Have been sailing with a new crew, their not the best, and neither am I. So I promised them i'd do my gilded Athena voyage with them. Non of them are pirate legend yet. We sink a few ships while we're on it, and dig up all the chest, we stock up 2 times one on a fort, and one on a outpost took about 15 minutes to get everything from the barrels. Spent about 3 hours on the voyage, and finally finished with the 3 Athena chests. We are moments away from docking, BOOM the water turns black, I go "Oh no…" We start working on the tentacles, and it starts wrapping our ship, then a storm comes out of no where, and royally fudges us. We're holding on by a thread, until the kracken starts glitching us out of the hull of our ship when it's sucking us up, and then we had 2 people on the ship, and they can't bail, because the kracken decided to wrap around the stairway door… Yes, it can do this, and there's nothing you can do about it when it does unless you have more than two people hitting it, and shooting it with a blunder. There goes our 12 chests, 10 skulls, and 3 Athena. We are scrounging in the water to get all the loot to the outpost. We did have a row boat, but apparently it broke off. We all get sucked, over, and over, and then died from sharks. I don't think the kracken should be able to wrap around the stairway door, and prevent people from bailing, and suck people out of the inside of your boat, even when you're on the bottom, but it does, and thus this sad tale happened. We then go back, we see our wet cloth, and the kegs, but the main loot all despawned we looked for about 8 minutes, and rage quit. This isn't really fun, this isn't difficult, it's just bullcrud. It doesn't feel like it was fair. I'm athena 9, don't think i'm going to play until arena now, could be wrong, because i always come back to this beautiful, yet frustrating game.

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