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A SDK has been released with datamined files – new upcoming features? Speculate!

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - A SDK has been released with datamined files - new upcoming features? Speculate!

It has some interesting things, maybe some planned/scrapped updates? It's interesting to go through nonetheless.

Here's a list of some of the files:

SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Bread_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Banjo_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_BoardingAxe_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Coconut_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Dice_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Drum_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Fiddle_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_FishMeat_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_HeavySword_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Mango_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pet_Cat_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pet_Parrot_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pet_Pig_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pineapple_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pipe_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_Pomegranate_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_RapierSword_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_ScrubBrush_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_SharkMeat_classes.hpp SOT_ALK_WieldableObject_SpeakingTrumpet_classes.hpp 

From the files above, there are some things we can speculate on:


-> New fruit/food types (Coconut, Bread, Pomegranate, Pineapple…)

-> Fishing? (FishMeat, SharkMeat…)

-> Pets (Pet_Cat, Pet_Parrot, Pet_Pig)

-> New instruments (Banjo, SpeakingTrumpet, Drum, Fiddle)

-> New weapons: (Boarding Axe, RapierSword, HeavySword, …)

-> New usables? (Pipe, Dice, …)

And much more. See more here:

What do you guys think?

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