Sea of Thieves

A shout-out to the greatest crew (that wasn’t mine) I’ve ever met

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - A shout-out to the greatest crew (that wasn't mine) I've ever met

Today, friendships were made, trusts broken, and a fort and a fleet destroyed

My crew was heading dead on for Keel Haul Fort (Always Keel for some reason) and saw a sloop heading for the same location. We dropped anchor and prepared for combat. The skeleton cannons were firing at us, at a constant rate. I was checking out the sloop using my spyglass and then I got shot.

Then I saw a crew member from the other crew was also on the Ferry.

We made an alliance, they were both Pirate Legends (and friendly AF). We continued the fort.

While fighting off waves of skeletons we decided we should split the loot. However, they only wanted the skull as they said they "didn't need either rep or gold."

We finish the fort and split the loot.

And then a brigantine appears on the horizon.

The ship storms in at the speed of light, to find out that he (yes, one person on the brig, solo brig) is friendly. We give him some of the loot (one crate of fine ore, sold for ~800).

We sail for the outpost together and sell all our crap for 5000+ total. We hang out for a bit and talk. After that, a skeleton ship cloud appears in The Wilds, so we decide to go after it.

We set sail at different times, and my ship stops at Kraken Watchtower for materials (almost no materials but 9 power kegs).

After that we sail for Marauder's Arch for the battle, which my crew was a bit late too.

The brig (which now holds all out alliance-mates) is opening a can of whoop-ass on the skeleton ships, fighting 3 at a time. We sail over to help, and sink (just as a meg shows up).

We respawn at Picaroon Palms (actually not too far) and immediately set sail. It takes us 5-7 minutes to get back. The freaking meg is still there (and it's passive).


Both of our ships hatch a plan, get on a skele-ship and shoot the meg to aggro it to the skele-ship.

I board a ship and shoot the meg, and THE PLAN ACTUALLY WORKS!

The skele-ship sinks…

…and then the brig sinks and respawns in the Ancient Isles.

We continue fighting, and the brig comes in just as the final ship sinks.And we can't find the loot.

All for nothing (except one hateful bounty skull).

We sail towards Galleon's Grave Outpost to sell the skull and hopefully, get some cool items at the shop (I got the 50 skele-ships commendations in the process).

When we get there I can only get the boots, gloves, and prosthetic limbs of the bone crusher set.

My original galleon team left, so now I'm stuck with 3 new people who I have no idea what their intentions with the brig are.

"Hey guys there's a brigantine over there."

"Probably hostile."

"You guys wanna destroy it?"


They start shooting the brig.

I have no clue at the moment, but then I see my friendly brig over to my right being attacked, by my galleon.

I'll help the people who have helped me.

I jump over to my new ship (which is now a 5 person brig, somehow) and start firing away at my own ship, which sinks within a minute.

I did it.

I destroyed my own crew, and joined another in the process.

Shout-out to the Pirate Legends I encountered today.

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