Sea of Thieves

A Solo Sloops Tale.

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Little did they know I had 50+ chests, skulls, and crates.

I was about to log out after finishing my final map, but then I saw it. I hadn't seen a single ship for hours and then the galleon appeared on the horizon.

There was no mistaking that it was heading directly for me. I set sail into the wind and the chase was on. We nearly collided during those first moments, but soon I was a 1/4 mile ahead and stocked with about 15 barrels of gunpowder.

It went as expected at first. I jump with a barrel, try to board, either missing the ladder or being shot in the water.

I was down to to 3 barrels. It was time to risk it all against this full crew or more than likely end up losing my hard earned booty.

I dropped the first barrel behind the ship and hopped overboard with a second. I could see the enemy sails closing in as I positioned the barrels and repositioned them to ensure a hit.


It was time. I placed barrel 1 in the path of their ship and swam for the second. As I'm turning to to swim toward their ladder I hear a he boom and know barrel 1 had found its mark.

Phase 2 was in full swing as I grabbed the ladder. On of their crew was standing guard on the ladders, but was watching the other side as I ran for the lower deck, barrel in hand. Gun shots rang out behind me as the sentry noticed me descend the steps. The lower filled with water from the first blast as I dropped the second barrel in front of the brig.

Panicking, I pulled my sword instead of my gun.

I swung and it was done.

They rushed to they ferry door to get back to their ship, but it was too late. I respawned just in time to see her sails sink below the waves.

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