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A special thank you to Rare for making a game that lets me get closer to my brother

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - A special thank you to Rare for making a game that lets me get closer to my brother

A bit of a silly post but this game has been great at bringing me and my younger brother together while I am away at college (bonus points for summer classes… thanks, Aerospace Engineering). He didn’t do much with me before this game came out because we didn’t really share any interests in game types, but he fell in love with this game just like I did.

This game has also helped me realize how great of a brother (and a pirate) he is- The two of us usually duo sloop, and we are unstoppable as a team! Alone, I’m afraid to engage any ship at all, but with him by my side we can take on even 4 man galleons with ease. He lets me take the role of the captain as long as he gets to be the pilot of the ship, so most of our engagements are characterized by me boarding and keeping the anchor down so they can’t fire back while he gets to the blind spot and fires on them while keeping the ship safe. We haven’t lost a single skull fort in months now (we don’t do that many, but we haven’t been bested at the ones that we do attempt!)


The character customization is great, too- I never cared for looks/fashion IRL but hot damn are we the best looking pirates out there! The two of us like to wear matching sets of clothing to confuse people (especially since our usernames are only one letter apart) on whether there is only one or two of us.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I want to thank both Rare and my brother here, both have been really awesome. The game gives a perfect thing for us to play together, and meanwhile my brother is great enough that I can trust him to keep the ship alive while I do my crazy tactics on enemy ships. Stay salty, Sea of Thieves!

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